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50 Unique Honeycomb Tile To Give Your Bathroom A New Look


When it comes to your bathroom tile you may only considering on the texture that won’t feel slippery so that it is safe enough even for your kids. Anyway, when you have bored with your bathroom tile you can start to think not only for the texture but also for the pattern or even the form. You won’t loos anything just by giving an extra effort for the beauty of your bathroom look since the more pretty your bathroom is, the more comfortable you will be since you know exactly that bathroom can be your valuable room to refresh your body and mind after a whole day of working. That is why we do really recommend you to give an extra effort for your bathroom design because it is surely worthy for your happier bathing routine.

For your advice, the one unique and pretty tile form could be on the honeycomb tile. This tile form is uncommon that will make it looks unique since people are commonly use the square or rectangle form for the tile. There will be so many color choices for this honeycomb tile with different size as well. For the color, you can correspond it with your bathroom style that could be in modern, bohemian, classic, or just in any style. As usual, black and white will be matched for the modern style, you can use only one color of those or combine two colors to create a gorgeous monochrome color. For the other styles, you can considering on the colors that strengthen the style. You may think that the size is not an important thing as you can simply choose the one without considering anything. Well, size could be important as it will create different looks for each. You can check from the pictures below to find the differences and get the inspiration on the tile application. Hope you can catch the ideas!


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