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55 Indoor Water Garden Ideas That Fresh Your Room

Indoor water garden ideas that fresh your room 52

Are you the type of person who likes home elements from various sides and benefits everything? Now you can get decorations in your home while refreshing the air and adding oxygen to your home. With a hydroponic garden in the house, you will get a decoration as well as coolness and fresh water in your home. Which certainly will provide a natural scenery. With a hydroponic garden you don’t need to worry that your body will be dirty or even look neat. With a little touch of creativity you can adjust the container and the types of plants that you can make as a hydroponic garden. One simple way to form a hydroponic garden concept is at home by planting it in a vase. Like, this convex glass vase. It’s not functional but decorative too. Another way that can be done is to plant ornamental plants in mason jar. Take advantage of the unused jar to plant several types of ornamental plants. Then place it in places that have sunlight as photosynthesis as well as elements of room decoration.

Like to keep fish and have an aquarium? Maybe you can innovate a little with the aquarium. Take advantage of the top of the aquarium to plant with a hydroponic system. Ornamental fish and ornamental plants on it will form a blend that is really interesting in your inner space. If you don’t have a large enough garden, you can use wall decoration elements as a hydroponic growing medium. For example with this kind of fish bowl wall aquarium concept. Apart from being able to plant, you can also put small ornamental fish there, such as Betta fish or small carp. Using used goods at home can also be a good alternative to reduce waste. One of them is a used bottle which is cut into two, then put together as a hydroponic system planting medium. To create a more beautiful hydroponic planting area inside the house, you can hang several vases vertically. These plants will look very modern and suitable for a minimalist home. Aside from being a vertical garden, these plants can also be a unique decoration element at home. Some vase forms are not suitable for planting hydroponically because usually the plants will tilt due to the absence of surrounding soil. To get around this, you can put decorative stones to keep the plants upright even without soil. Besides the convex shape, there is also a model of wooden cube stand with a tall glass vase. This model is also very suitable to be placed in the room or living room as a decoration. Unique, the model of ornamental plants planted there will also be more upright. Apart from vases, pot planting media is also very popular. You can use one of the big pots to plant water plants in the front or back of the house. For example by planting lotus or lotus flowers. This flower will be very beautiful if it is in bloom. Now you can park without fear of being dirty, interesting right.

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