Planting in a minimalist garden can be a fun and challenging activity. Trying to grow crops in a minimalist garden or in a small space around the house or in the balcony has its own challenges. In addition, you must be more creative, you must also be good at using space to maximize your garden. We can plant various kinds of plants, herbs, and flowers. Besides being useful for daily use, a minimalist garden can also be used as decoration to beautify your home.



Even if you only have a balcony or a small yard in your house, you can still grow herbs plants. We also don’t need to worry even though we don’t have any vacant land to grow crops. With hanging pots, you can still plant and decorate your home at the same time. We can also provide small pots for herbs and we must be smart to arrange them to make them look neat and attractive.

Charming Balcony herbs using a number of clay pots next to each other.
Here is one more hack that will allow you to grow your herbs balcony without occupying much space the beautiful one.
interesting balcony garden with herb and a place use recycled wood to get beauty in the corner of the balcony.
Unique balcony garden with herb and corner home lawn elegant interesting, classic bench, and a small table.
You can create a medicinal herb garden on your balcony and it’d be not only practical but also beautiful in view.
Beautiful balcony garden with herbs and a place that uses recycled bread containers, and vertical wood on your balcony railings.

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A beautiful balcony garden with herbs and a place that uses rattan knitted, and vertical rattan on your balcony railing.
Affordable balcony garden with herb and vertical place attached to the wall using black iron, and black bench.
Balcony garden ideas pictures, garden
Amazing Balcony Garden with herbs and small balcony garden bed with corner home herb job club who is charming.
Awesome balcony gardens with herb and provide bird wires for your small balcony.
A magnificent eye-catcher on the table is a mini herb garden. You can put some boxes with good drainage and grow plants in them. Just make sure you keep plastic under the boxes so that the fluid leaks through them don’t affect the wood o

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Decorative Plants

Balconies are often applied to a variety of modern European home designs. But now various minimalist home designs also often use balconies, including simple minimalist homes. We must not let the balcony become unused. Try adding a garden design to make it look more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You do not need to be confused to plant plants that are suitable on the balcony because various types of plants and flowers can be planted on the balcony, even for a narrow balcony. You can also be creative by adding artificial grass to your balcony to make it look more beautiful.

a simple floor and rug on it, use artificial green carpet or turf rug imitating the lawn. You can also use wooden tiles for a better look, this will give a beautiful look to your balcony.
Decorative Plants with Create a small structure for support or buy a trellis for climbing plants. You can do it with wooden slats, or bent steel rods.
Decorative Plants with Set design details such as a statue, lanterns, and candlesticks or wall hanging colorful pictures. You can also add other garden accessories that will suit your small space.
On the balcony floor, use decorative pots, hanging baskets are compulsory too. You can grow flowers, herbs and even tomatoes in hanging baskets.

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Decorative Plants with Dash of timeless NYC charm for the tiny balcony next to the bedroom you.
Decorative Plants various balcony plant decoration ideas put together to get an attractive and friendly balcony garden. also allows different plant decoration ideas such as large planters, vertical plant racks, etc.
Decorative Plants with the simple and easiest way to make a garden on your balcony is through the use of potted plants. Select plants that grow comfortably in a pot. Select the size of the pots according to the plants you select.
Decorative Plants t’s not necessary to bring in supplies like shelves and cupboards to decorate your balcony garden. You can use whatever you have. This balcony uses tables as a shelf for holding plants in one corner.
Decorative Plants with a beautiful garden retreat is certainly a perfect blend and harmonious with various woods dividing the park into two parts. The decoration of white pebbles adds to the visual appeal and also marks the boundaries of the park.
This balcony has a large and wide space for a beautiful garden. However, this spacious room is made simple so that families can enjoy an open, airy, and peaceful atmosphere.

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Ornamental plants for planting in pots are practical and flexible. You can easily put the pot and adapt it to your needs. With the right decoration, potted plants can be as beautiful as a garden in the yard. Potted plants are easier to care for and do not pollute the balcony. However, you also have to be picky potted plants whose growth is not too aggressive.

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