Bedrooms can be decorated to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Even if you have already planned a romantic date out with your boyfriend, you both can always go back to a wonderful warm bedroom full of lovey-dovey stuff. Still, confused about what to do to surprise your beloved one? Get inspired with the following DIY ideas for your boyfriend’s romantic room décor. Alternatively, to create a more permanent romantic aesthetic for your room, you may consult with an interior designer like Alder & Tweed to experience a professional work service.


1. Exclusive Symbols of Love with Custom Stickers

If there are exclusive symbols that are unique in the room at the time of the romantic valentine’s day, it can make your boyfriend full of memories and you cherish each other better. Try to stick some exclusive custom die cut stickers on the wall. These stickers can be mixed with various colors and artworks to meet the special requirements, which will bring an enjoyable atmosphere. Big surprise to your boyfriend!

Custom die cut stickers

Custom made stickers

Custom stickers for room

Custom stickers for valentine's day

2. Dim Lighting Surprise

A bedroom with dim lighting is always romantic and sexy. Add some more things that could enhance the love-is-in-the-air feel to the room, including balloons with metallic colors and small scented candles formed in words saying “I Love You”. Your boyfriend would definitely answer, “I love you, too, so much!” 

When it comes to lighting, how can we not mention the colorful neon signs? Valentine’s Day reminds us of the existence of love, and neon signs can perfectly showcase the elements of love. You can design patterns such as glowing hearts and peaches, as well as choose elements such as diamond rings and bridal headwear. The neon signs with distinct luminous effects naturally create a romantic and warm atmosphere. You can see more neon signs at neonsigns.com/us.

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Be prepared to surprise special people in your life. Decorate your boyfriend’s bedroom with balloons with red ribbons and dim lights to create a romantic atmosphere.
Some simple ways to light up the bedroom are with dim lights and heart-shaped balloon decorations to impress your boyfriend.
Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your love to your loved one. Small gifts with lots of heart ornaments make your boyfriend’s bedroom more romantic.
Lighting plays a big role in preparing a romantic atmosphere. in addition, supporting factors such as ornaments are also important to succeed your boyfriend’s bedroom decor on this valentine’s day.

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3. Grey and Purple Combo

Despite the fact that men have commonly used pink and red nowadays, the colors are being glorified too much for Valentine’s Day celebration. Try the other soft colors such as grey and lilac (pastel purple). Combine them for the perfect color scheme of your boyfriend romantic room. Add a tinge of gold on furnishings like a blanket, small cushions, mirrors, and curtains. 

Instead of decorating the bedroom on valentine’s day with pink, soft purple can be your choice for your boyfriend’s bedroom.
There are certain colors that look good in the living room but are not as beautiful as in the room so it is important to make the right decision. Purple may be one of the color choices besides pink and red to celebrate valentine’s day.
Purple pastel bedrooms are the best choice for your girlfriend rather than pink because that would be too feminine. Gray walls and blankets provide an interesting contrast on this valentine’s day.

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Collect pink and gray pillows and light your most luxurious candles to create the perfect atmosphere. Put a bunch of beautiful flowers in your favorite vase for a beautiful valentine’s night.

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4. Classic Bed of Roses

Who doesn’t want a classic bedroom with an antique king-sized bed in a large, firm wooden frame? With a dark red palette, like maroon and burgundy, this bedroom is such a luxurious retreat. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle some red rose petals on top of the white-sheered bed. Then, finish off with a box of chocolate, a tray of your favorite beverage, and romantic dim lighting from lit candles in silver candelabra. This is a classic and elegant boyfriend romantic room. 

These valentine bedroom design ideas help couples enjoy their lives together in a new atmosphere. Classic bed studded with roses and lamps create an extraordinary romantic decoration.
You can also use a bottle of wine to decorate your boyfriend’s bedroom on valentine’s day. Put the wine complete with the glass on the bed, and sprinkle with red flowers including rose.
Sprinkled flowers may be too not neat and seem unclean. Therefore, arrange a sprinkling of red roses into a heart shape so that your boyfriend will impressed when he sees it.

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You can decorate your valentine boyfriend’s room with red roses and wine, this will give a hot atmosphere to his bedroom. A roses will add romance to your valentine’s night.

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5. Gallery of Sweet Memories

The simplest idea of DIY Valentine’s Day décor of boyfriend romantic room is setting up a gallery of old photos of you and your partner on your bed. The fun part of this is you get to hang your photos on the tips of the strings of gas balloons so that it would look like a floating photo gallery! It is simple yet so sweet.  

Red, pink, and white balloons symbolizing romantic are used to hang photos about you and your boyfriend. A red rose with a heart shape expresses your affection for it.

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Impress your boyfriend with a romantic bedroom decor. Post photos of you and your boyfriend with these colorful balloons. Don’t tell him, and make this a special Valentine surprise.

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A memorable photo gallery makes anyone who sees it smile and be impressed. You can decorate your boyfriend’s bedroom in such a way that it becomes an unforgettable day and provides an intimate atmosphere.

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After all, the best boyfriend romantic room décor for the upcoming Valentine’s Day is the one done with true love. Happy Valentine!

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