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15 Chic Scandinavian Winter Decoration Ideas for Your Home


Scandinavian home décor has always been an all-time favorite due to its concept that correlates a lot with modernism and minimalism—which fit many types of home. Nevertheless, the Scandinavian winter decoration is slightly different. 

More natural and traditional elements—such as wool blankets, flowers, and wooden ornaments—are added here, but they don’t change the feel at all. So, here are some chic Scandinavian winter decoration ideas for you. 


1. Snuggly Chunky-Knitted Blankets

For winter home décor, people from Nordic countries, like Denmark, Norway, and Iceland add some hand-knitted chunky blankets on their sofas and beds. It is even a trend now since many Scandinavian décor bloggers enthusiastically promote this cozy, thick wool blanket on their blogs. It is an artsy comfort to your home. 

Adding a touch of Scandinavian decoration to the living room will give an attractive impression. You can add snuggly knit blankets to warm you in winter. Combined with some furniture to make your living room more pleasant.

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One of way Scandinavian decoration for your home is by placing chunky-knitted blanket to the bed. This is very suitable to make your bedroom feels warm and cozy. You can choose the blanket in dark grey color to get contrast look in your white bedroom decoration.

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Applying snuggly knitted blankets to complement Scandinavian living room decor is what you can try. Adding a gray sofa complete with cushions, rugs and other furniture will look more perfect to get a warm impression.

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2. Wooden Decorative Branch Trees

Getting a pine tree and decorating it for this festive season may take a lot of time. If you don’t have all day to do so, this decorative branch tree is for you. It is made of maple wood and somehow has a minimalist style touch. You can hang small ornaments or place some small tapers on the tips of the branches. 

Adding a decorative tree branch to the Scandinavian dining room will look attractive. Add some ornaments and other furniture to make it look attractive.
Interesting ideas for home decor by adding wooden tree branches to the Scandinavian dining room for you to try. Add some ornaments to the tree and mix other furniture to make it look stylish.

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Scandinavian bedroom is interesting by adding wooden branches which are equipped with tumblr lamps to stay stylish. Complete the decor with other furniture to make your bedroom feel warmer.

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3. Ornamental Paper Stars

Instead of ornamental snowflakes, paper stars can be found more in many Scandinavian homes. Coming in pretty colors, such as white, icy blue, red, and gold, these decorative stars are not really holiday things but can add more aesthetic values to your home décor. Just hang them near the windows, doors, or fireplace mantels. 

By applying snowflakes from white paper, you can stick them on the window of your Scandinavian home to get the illusion of snow. Add lights to make it look stylish.

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You can try placing decorative hard snowflakes in the Scandinavian house window to make it look stylish. Hang it using a rope to get the illusion of falling snow.

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Adding paper snowflakes and hanging them on a Scandinavian home window is a good idea. You can add lights to look attractive.

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4. Warm Kitchen Tables

Most of us agree that freshly brewed coffee is the best way to begin our day. However, we need a warm kitchen table to enjoy it. In Scandinavian winter decoration, a warm kitchen is a must. You simply have to add some warming stuff there, like faux fur throws, fluffy cushions, and some beautiful flowers in a vase. 

An attractive Scandinavian kitchen with a warm kitchen table complete with several flower vases to make it look stylish. Complete the decor with a chandelier to make your kitchen feel warmer.

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Apply a warm kitchen table complete with soft cushions to a classic Scandinavian kitchen decor that you can try. Add a flower vase, some pillows, a chandelier with and other furniture will look more perfect to get a warm impression.

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You can try placing a warm kitchen table complete with other furniture for an attractive Scandinavian kitchen. Add a flower vase to look stylish.

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5. Blaze it Up, Baby!

Nothing is more comforting than relaxing in front of the burning wood chunks in the fireplace while sipping hot chocolate. Winter days in Nordic countries are dark and freezing, so the fireplace is just not enough. Inspired by the popular Scandinavian “hygge” lifestyle, we may as well light up some candles on the coffee table to add more warmth and coziness in the living room. 

To create a warm impression in your Scandinavian living room, you can add a fireplace and candles to create a warm impression in winter. To strengthen the warm shades, you can combine them with some ornaments and place the right carpet.

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Applying a fireplace and candles to the Scandinavian living room is suitable for cold weather in winter. Combined with large rugs and other furniture to make your living room more comfortable and warm.

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Installing fireplace to complete your Scandinavian winter living room decor is a good idea. Maybe this is not really enough to warm your room. You can completed with candles and table lamps in yellow light to strengthen warmth in your home.

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So, have you gotten inspired yet? Then, cozy up your home with the chic Scandinavian winter decoration ideas, now! 

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