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27 Loveable Living Wall Ideas to Create Fresher Room


Nowadays living walls become a hot decor trend. For residents who love gardening but hampered by limited space, the unique vertical garden becomes some kind of fresh air. Meanwhile, a bigger place can even go extravagant with this idea.

Do you wish to bring these pretty greeneries inside your house? Read on for these lovely living wall ideas are at your service.

Wall-Mounted Plants Beside Bathtub

The living wall next to your hot tub is a lavish idea, giving you a sense of spring as you soak underneath aromatic bubbles. You can have a moss wall that doesn’t require high maintenance. Planting them next to your shower is also stunning living wall ideas.

Moss walls are ideal for bathrooms because they absorb water from steam. Creating a master bathroom that not only facilitates the daily needs of the homeowner but also satisfies the desire for beautiful natural greenery.
To freshen up the bathroom decor, you can apply a moss wall neat to your bathtub. It will bring a different feel when you soak on the bathtub.
Bathroom decorating ideas with a touch of a moss wall that is placed next to the bathtub can provide a fresher view besides the natural vibration impression.

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For those of you who want a more modern and natural concept of bathroom decoration, you can add a moss wall next to the bathtub. It can create a charming feeling. So the realization of a bathroom display that is not boring.
The lush green wall next to your bathtub is a wonderful idea to bring a piece of nature in it. Feelings that are not boring and your bathing time will be more enjoyable.
Touch of living moss wall with wooden parts is a cool idea for a strong natural feel in your bathroom.

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Mini Garden Between Shelves

Liven up your mounted shelves with little rain forests. Use shadow boxes and plant succulent. Make sure that your plots already have firm roots before hanging them on the wall. Echeveria, jade plants, and panda plants will be perfect choices.

If you want a more fresh and natural bedroom. Installing several floating shelves and placing a few lightweight pots with plants will drastically improve the look and air of your bedroom.
The idea of ​​a living wall is indoor with a combination of dark walls. As well as a floating shelf accent to place some light pots. Makes the touch of some cute planters.
Place it in the corner of the room. Through the touch of a shelf with a mild potted plant dramatically beautiful dramatically. Which enhances the look of the room more captivating.
Through the touch of a shelf with plants in front of the window can provide the concept of a fresh atmosphere of space.

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Living Wall in Patio

What is a better way to grow the herbs other than in the outdoor area? Let your plants and flowers enjoy the natural air and sunlight. Use free-standing wall gardens and allow them to steal the spotlight. For an easy watering process, you can hang pottery or individual trays.

Vertical garden walls on the patio creep on the red brick fence. With a unique and creative garden design Bring up the concept of ethics and refreshing.
This air cycle will help create a fresh patio. By going through this green garden fence, the atmosphere in your patio will be more pleasant.
Known as a vertical garden, this living wall is placed on a patio. Very popular and environmentally friendly. In addition, their versatility and natural style make it the right choice.
By adding a living wall on the patio. The touch of plants that climb the walls to bring a more refreshing patio atmosphere. So that it brings a natural accent and can contribute to reducing the effects of urban heat islands.
Touch of a living wall on the patio with lush greenery. Bringing the impression of fresh and natural. Complete it with a comfortable seating area to feel more enjoyable.
You can make a garden wall on the patio. The touch of a combination of garden and green moss gives a natural touch. And the air cycle on the patio will increasingly bring comfort.

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Green Touch for Your Kitchen

Bringing a happy and lively mood inside your kitchen is essential, and houseplants can do the task for you. Choose an empty wall and add some touch of greenery. Hang plants in different types, such as rosary vine, sword ferns, lavender, or Chinese evergreen.

Bringing a happy and lively atmosphere in your kitchen is very useful. A living wall can work for you. The vibrations of this vertical garden wall provide a refreshing surprise.

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It will very work well for your outdoor kitchen. By adding some hanging plants, it can make your outdoor kitchen feel fresh and can boost your mood to cook.

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This beautiful garden space is located right in the kitchen. The touch of this vertical garden brings accidental beauty and is more decorative.
This wall garden displays some of the best things that you can grow in a kitchen environment. You can place your plants on the wall next to the stove and get a fresh look while cooking time.
For the simple idea but can make your kitchen looks beautiful, you can use some wooden board and attach them to the wall. Take some jars and fill them with herbs. Make some hooks and hang your jars there and surely it will make your kitchen looks fresh and inviting.

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If you don’t have empty wall anymore, you can utilize the side of your cabinet to hang the iron trellis. Hang your plants on the trellis and ii becomes the solution to bring a fresh nuance in your kitchen.

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Glass Terrarium Planter

Even if you can’t call this a living wall, the terrarium hanging glass offer you an indoor fairy garden you just can’t refuse. Getting more and more popular, glass terrariums give you adorable cases where you can plant different types of succulent. Try stonecrop, hens and chicks, dudleya, and jade plant.

A glass terrarium gives you an adorable container for planting various types of succulents. So as to bring the touch of the wall more captivating.

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A round terrarium attached to the wall will enhance your decor so it looks more beautiful.

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White terrarium hanging on the wall will enhance your decor so it looks more beautiful. If you want to save more money, doing a DIY project is the perfect idea.

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If you want to make your home decoration look more attractive, making a DIY terrarium is a perfect idea. Place your terrarium on the wall so it looks amazing.
Glass terrarium with green plants and white gravels will enhance your decor. Simply place your terrarium on the wall so that it will look more beautiful.

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A living wall needs a simple process, and you can plant different herbs and flowers in it. Besides purifying the air and cooling your area, the living wall idea is perfect to make your house more stylish, stunning, and pretty.

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