If you want to make the full of your house, your rule, and your lawn, maybe it’s time for you to build a barrier for the sake of privacy. No need to worry; building a fence will not cost you a million like on the internet. See this local fence company for affordable fences for your home. Even somehow, you can manage to get the material for free. Take a look at these garden fence ideas!


Classic Picket Fence

Let’s estimate that your lawn is about 10 meters long. If you try to get a website for a construction calculator, the estimated material cost is just $300 to $400. It includes the materials like pickets, fence posts, fence rails, long and short screw/nails, and bags post concrete.

The thing is, this might be hard for those with a little DIY experience. The picket fence is all about measuring the right width, length, or spacing. If you don’t work on that part correctly, it is almost certain that the fence is not visually appealing. It would be better if you take the cheaper material in exchange for fence building service.

The attraction of a wooden fence is very simple. This is a great way to keep your children and pets in the yard without making an eyesore for you. You can easily see from behind the fence and add curb appeal to your yard.

Beautiful white picket fence decoration with bright yellow flowers peeking through the fences. It can give the impression of a visually attractive atmosphere.
A white picket fence with ivy flowing through the slats. Accidentally display an elegant impression.
Another PVC picket fence is white with light purple flowers flowing through the slats. So that creates the vibration of your page.
A picket fence surrounds a beautiful backyard. The entrance to the interior of the yard is marked with bars. Then make a neat and natural touch.
A white wooden fence that separates the two parts of the park. And this picket fence makes the atmosphere look more charming.
Large flowering bushes hang over this classic white picket fence to make the garden looks shady and fresh.
A white picket fence with simple and beautiful landscaping. Besides the wooden accents that form waves give an alluring feeling.
Old-fashioned yellow cottage with slate roof and white picket fence surrounding the yard can create an old and vintage looks. The bright pink roses at the corner can give a pop of color to your garden.
Simple picket fence vibrations with excessive growth of sunflowers and vines. It’s able to bring fresh feelings.

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Traditional Split Rail Fence

Forget picketing; if your message is to make strangers out of your lawn, then you don’t need to cover all of them. Putting a moderate width of the estate fence is a better choice. Moreover, it is cheaper than the picket because you only use the rails. Also, you can make them by using split timber.

If this garden fence idea is a shortcut to your need, down worry because you can make it aesthetic too. Just build a strong rails fence and add some flower and your fence becomes something else.

Traditional free-standing split fences, usually seen as agricultural or decorative fences. And has a distinctive zig-zagging structure. This can be built without nails or hardware.
This is a beautiful split fence that is full of colorful small blooming flowers that can make your traditional fence looks different and beautiful.
A touch of a more traditional split fence with a distinctive zig-zag silhouette. This is a farmhouse fence visible border of bright green meadows with beautiful lavender.
Beautiful choice, because change brings beauty. Split fences are, on average, more attractive than other types of wooden fences with age.
Split white fence painted white. This is one of the most popular designs for homes on the outskirts of the United States. This type has a more polished appearance than a special traditional fence.
Split rustic fences are used to separate different parts of a large backyard planting. Of these, fences are mostly used for decorative and security purposes of animals.
Beautiful, colorful, decorative indentation split fences. At the end of the fence is a large plantation that is filled with grass and blooms. Besides that, the impression of this old fence is capable of bringing elegance.
The beautiful old split fence by narrowing across a beautiful garden with Lavender flowers. This vibration brings a truly captivating feeling.
Old worn fences with shrubs and flowering trees in bold and beautiful colors. Creating a charming fence decoration split.

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Pallet fence

Pallet fence is the real answer for people who don’t want to spend a picket. So, just gather some pallets anywhere you can find. It is also possible that you will get a free pallet if you find them in local shops or local recycling shops.

Also, don’t worry that it will look ugly. Just give it some treatment like paints or flowers.  Arrange them in a neat archway is also a good move because a used pallet may be broken or in a terrible condition.

You will feel the vibrations that are present in this fence. Because with a touch of palette fence color in the faded shade can bring a rustic vibe.
Of course, you are surrounded by this palette fence. All will realize comfort. With a thin wood texture, the air can take place smoothly. So that it gives an enchanting charm.
The immortality that is present in the front yard fence. By using some wood pallet, it gives a natural touch. To beautify the look you can plant some flowers around it.
Besides bringing a traditional atmosphere, with a touch of a palette fence, your front yard will be safer and can enhance your garden look.
You can also add planters or containers on your pallet fence as a place for your plants and flowers. It also can make your fence looks different.
To give a new look on your old pallet fence, just add a painting or mural on the wood board. For example, you can paint a sunflower to make your garden looks cheerful.
Fence decoration ideas using a touch of flowers. This french palette fence with a dark color paired with cute flowers can bring a beautiful look.

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Are you interested? That’s some cheap garden fence ideas for you to try.

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