Mountain Refuge; A Tiny Modular Cabin Built from Plywood


Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, Italian architects. designed the Mountain Refuge as a prefabricated cabin-style micro home built from plywood. Gnocchi and Danesi designed Mountain Refuge as a contemporary twist on a distinctive cabin typology that will help occupants find a “connection to nature”.

“The cabin’s concept is inspired by traditional archetypes, evoked through contemporary principles,” they said.


The steep sloping roof sits at an exaggerated angle above the floor-to-ceiling glass-covered exterior wall, maximizing the landscape view. Mount Refuge is modular, so the design can stand alone as one 24 square meter space, or include an optional second module to increase the floor space of 12 square meters.


The sloping roof of this second module will be installed in the opposite direction, creating an accessible sleeping corner with a built-in ladder. Gnocchi and Danesi will paint the cabin’s plywood exterior with pine tar for weatherproof it.


Inside the cabin, pale wood can be left blank to create a minimalist yet comfortable backdrop. In the rendering, the pair envision the Mountain Refuge equipped with a stylish hanging fireplace, paired with a rustic wooden bench made of tree stumps or a more comfortable armchair.


The cabins have space for a kitchenette with a sink and stove, and can also feature a small but cozy bathroom with a shower located in one corner. A deck can be installed around the outside of the cab to provide a place for the occupants to enjoy the weather.



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