Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota


Architectural firm Snøhetta has been announced as the winner of the competition to design Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota. The design is topped with a large arched roof designed to act as an extension of the site in the town of Medora North Dakota, which is surrounded by Badlands, borders Theodore Roosevelt National Park and has views of Elkhorn Ranch.


“When designing a new project, we think about how we can more give to the site or community more than is initially asked of us,” said Craig Dykers. “We integrated the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library into the landscape of the North Dakota Badlands.”

According to Snøhetta, the building will be built with “natural and renewable” materials and use an energy system that will set “new standards for sustainable design in the region”. A visual showing a large expanse of wood and glass, too.


The project is also intended to expand beyond its site, including a connection to the Little Missouri River, a former military camp called Cantonment, and the original train depot where Roosevelt first arrived in the area. There will also be a parking option near this external site for visitors to ride electric caravans to the site.

“We still have much to learn about President Roosevelt, and we’re looking forward to working with the Medora community and the broader project team to translate this knowledge into an immersive place to learn about TR’s life and legacy,” Dykers added.

Upon completion it will join the 13 presidential libraries in the US that serve as archives and museums depicting the life and work of each president since Herbert Hoover, who served from 1929-1933. They’re each built in their president’s home state, with the newest library being completed for George W Bush in Dallas, Texas.


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