Stop treating your garage as a receptacle where you are free to toss everything that doesn’t have a place in your house. Though you need a whole day or even an entire weekend to restore order, these are some tips to handle garage organization.

1. Categorize the Items

First thing first, you need categories for the items in your garage. If you can’t decide where to start, consider getting everything out of the garage and clean it throughout, including every nook and cranny.

Evaluate, group the contents, and keep them inside cardboard boxes – don’t forget to label them.

To make it easier for you to get the item you are looking for, storage with a container that is equipped with a label is very appropriate and you can imitate it in a garage organization. Image blue container storage from diynetwork
Apart from looking neat and tidy, drawer boxes are a favorite storage tool for garage organizations. Sort the items according to their use. Image drawer boxes storage from blueistyleblog

2. Keep, Trash, and Donate

You will likely find random items in your garage that you don’t even remember how you have them. Create three piles: keep, trash, and donate. Then if you think you don’t need them, assign them to donation or trash piles. 

Avoid messy garage organizations that will make you uncomfortable in this room. Discard items that are no longer suitable for use. Image messy garage from justagirlandherblog
To create a neat garage, you need to sort out items that are still or not in use. Remove damaged or unused items from this room. Image neat garage from budgetdumpster

3. Take an Inventory

You need to make a note of all items that you’re storing. This way will make your next task way easier, especially when you randomly need to find things to use them.

Having a small note for inventory in the garage is a smart idea to make it easier for you to do your next job. This idea is also very practical and easy to make. Image maximize wall space from organizedliving
So that the items that you have in your inventory are not forgotten, then recording all the items you have is something you can try and copy. Image vertical rack from makinglemonadeblog

4. Redesign Your Layout

The most fun part of the garage organization is redesigning your garage’s layout. Discover the available space and place each category based on the frequency of use.

Remove broken items from your garage to redesign and create a cleaner and more comfortable space. Take advantage of your wall to hang the storage leader. Image cleaning zone from justagirlandherblog
Categorize items according to their function and use to produce a perfect redesign layout. Hang the bike so it doesn’t take up much space. Image redesign organization garage from justagirlandherblog

5. Extra Storage

If you need extra storage, maximize the wall space – take advantage of the vertical space, and consider installing a built-in cabinet. You can also make the most of the overhead space by adding mount-to-ceiling shelves.

Make storage in the garage as much and as widely as possible to store all the items you have safely and not easily damaged. Vertical rack is highly recommended. Image large rack storage from familyhandyman

6. Plan Scheduled Organizing

Everything is relocated, your garage is now clean and clutter-free. But still, you need to set scheduled organizing to well-maintain your garage storage.

In order for your garage to stay organized, determine the days or months to check and clean regularly. Image scheduled organizing from familyhandyman

The best teacher is the experience, and now you know that garage organization may be overwhelming if there is too much clutter. You can stop clutter before it enters your home by creating a mudroom in your garage.

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