Though we all are huge fans of a beautiful lawn along the front yard that is inviting and can be a great first impression of your guests, a lawn needs more water resources that can break your water bill and contributes to overuse of chemical and pest control. These front yard ideas allow you to use alternatives to grass for landscaping. 

Stone and Gravel

Consider growing drought-resistant shrubs in your yard, then build a stone walkway along a permeable gravel landscape. Not only does it require easy maintenance, but it also makes the most of nature’s helping hand as the rainwater gets easily soaked into the ground through the gravel.

Black and white gravel can be adjusted easily when it will be used as a road in the front yard decoration. Give a barrier so that the gravel does not blend with one color to another. Image black and white gravel from decorenewal
Take advantage of natural rock to enhance your front yard appearance, plant greenery and shrubs that are easy to live in any situation. Image bright stone and gravel from decorenewal

Charming Potted Garden

Use a pot or container to create a colorful garden. You can grow your favorite plants, from flowers to herbs, in different sizes of pots, then arrange and display them beautifully in your front yard. All you need is a watering can and a simple spade for caring.

Complete the appearance of your pot with lighting that can illuminate the front yard and will highlight specific spots and features. Image lighted pots garden from renoguide
Metallic pots with a glossy finish look very modern when placed in your front yard decoration. This pot will also be sturdier and more durable. Image metallic pots garden from renoguide

There’s Much about The Mulch

Replacing grass with organic mulches is one of the greatest front yard ideas with less water and no-mow option. You can use pine bark chips or cedar mulches, make sure you add landscaping cloth before adding mulches so the weeds wouldn’t grow on the surface.

Take advantage of pine bark chips as a substitute for green grass in your front yard. Pine bark chips are also an organic fertilizer that can fertilize plants. Image pine bark chips from westminsterlawn
Cover the soil in your front yard with cedar mulches to avoid any soil pests. This idea is very on budget and doesn’t need special maintenance. ./0/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Image cedar mulches from thetutuguru

Simply Fake It

A green, lush lawn is all you’ve been dreaming of, but if you can’t bear the maintenance – mowing, watering, and soon – then the ideal solution for you is to use artificial turf. It offers outstanding drainage and is stain-resistant too. You’ll have a forever-green landscape without any maintenance.

Instead of using plant grass with artificial turf to minimize the maintenance you have to do. Here you don’t need to do watering and cutting. Image green artificial turf from artificialgrassohio

Fill all your front pages with fake turf as a fresh green that spoils your eyes. You can add a tree as a shade from the sun. Image fake turf from artificialgrassoregon

Outdoor Living 

Make the most of your outdoor space by creating an outdoor living in your front yard. You can add patio furniture, create a bonfire pit, or even build an outdoor kitchen.

The front yard, which is equipped with a fireplace, pillows and a seat, can be used as a gathering area and relaxing with the family while enjoying the outdoor view. Image spacious outdoor living from recognizealeader
Choose wooden furniture for your front yard decoration that can last all seasons. The fireplace helps warm your body at night. Image minimalist outdoor living from recognizealeader

Well, it’s time to trade in your lawnmower. The mentioned front yard ideas are easy to install and easy to maintain. The best thing about these grass alternatives is they save water usage.

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