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Modern minimalist is about sleek, stylish, and sophisticated style. Incorporates your personal touch to create the balance of aesthetics and functionality into your interior with these minimalist dining room décor ideas.

Glass Dining Set in White

The glass dining table is modern and beyond stylish, especially when paired with white chairs. Choose the best one with a futuristic design, and it will brighten your space and give your dining room a crisp modern touch. 

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Using a square glass dining table and white chairs will give your dining room a clean and bright look so it looks perfect. Image Square glass dining table from Hupehome.
The round glass dining table will present a modern look and save space in your minimalist dining room. Image round glass dining table from Hupehome.

Pretty Vertical Garden

It might be the last thing in your mind to add a vertical garden as a decoration for your dining room, but living walls are an outstanding option to stand out in your dining space. If you’d like to go with this idea, ensure that you grow them in the right place that gets proper light.

Adding plants to the walls of your dining room will present a soothing natural feel to make you more comfortable there. Image Vertical Garden from Decoist.
To present a fresh feel in the minimalist dining room, you can add a vertical garden there so it will look more natural and beautiful. Image Plants on the wall from Decoist.

The Classic Chalkboard

Classic yet timeless, this minimalist dining room décor idea is versatile and can be a classic focal point in your space. Go for a large size chalkboard – framed or not – to share menus for any dine parties. You can even use it as a creative spot for kids to draw while adults eat.

Installing artsy chalkboard in your dining room will present a creative appearance and become an attractive focal point in your dining room. Image artsy chalkboard from Home-designing.
Equipping your dining room with a large, frameless chalkboard will serve to share menus and become a focal point that looks creative. Image large frameless chalkboard from Home-designing.

Large Indoor Tree

If making a big statement with a living wall is a bit overwhelming for you, you can try the other good idea to bring nature into your space. Though you need to invest more money for a large tree and a pretty pot, it will last for years to come – with proper care, of course.

Placing a large tree in a pot in the corner of your dining room will present a refreshing natural feel. Image large tree at the corner from Madaboutthehouse
You can place palm trees in your dining room to bring out a natural freshness so that the air feels healthier. Image palm tree in pot from Curatedinterior

Open Shelves

You can install a large decorative open shelving unit to cover one of your walls. Besides can be used as extra storage, you can use open shelves to display your antique collection.

Choosing to use large open shelves for decorating your dining room can serve as a practical storage area and can cover your empty walls. Image open shelving from Mymove
Completing your dining room with open shelves is the right idea. So it will be a creative storage area and give it a modern look. Image open wooden shelf from Bobvila

Whether you add a living wall or futuristic dining set, always include the textures and colors that you are comfortable with, into your minimalist dining room décor plan.

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