It is a bit tricky to design and decorate a small dining room. One wrong move, and you’ll probably end up with a cramped or uncomfortable space for dining. For this reason, you should pay attention to these common mistakes and try to avoid them when designing your own dining room.

1. Not Providing Enough Natural Light

Nobody likes dining in the dark, especially when your dining space is not that large. In fact, limiting natural light in a small dining room is considered a fatal mistake. What you actually need to do is providing the source to allow enough light into the room. Your small dining area will be much cozier when it is set near the window.

Instead, use walls with large and wide glass windows to produce a dining room that is bright from the natural light of the sun. Image glass windows as a medium of light from housebeautiful
Pay attention to the layout of your dining table to get a good room atmosphere. Facing the dining table and chairs towards the window you can imitate it right now. Image dining table facing the window from housebeautiful

2. Choosing Dining Set in Wrong Scales

Don’t make your small room look worse by choosing a dining set in wrong size and scale. When the space of your dining room is limited, you should carefully measure the scale of the dining table and chairs to fit in it. A circular dining table and armless chairs are one of the best options to match your limited space.

Adjust the size of your living room furniture to the size of the room. Small round tables and armless chairs don’t take up much space. Image wooden dining set from housebeautiful
The dining room with neutral colors like white gives an impression clean and spacious. Choose a pillow with a bold color to make it look more colorful and stand out. Image dining room neutral from housebeautiful

3. Squeezing Too Many Furnishings

Another mistake you should avoid when designing a small dining room is featuring too many furnishings and furniture. Considering its narrowed space, you should stick to the essentials and omit some of the additional features.

Hang a wallpaper in your small living room to make it look more perfect. Patterned walls also provide the opportunity for simplicity that looks perfect. Image patterned dining room from goodhousekeeping
Buy multi functional furniture to decorate your small dining room. For example, a bench that is equipped with a storage drawer at the bottom. Image built in seating from goodhousekeeping

4. Focusing on Colors, but Forgetting Texture

Many people assume that they can trick a small dining space by painting the wall in neutral or light shades. This is not entirely wrong, but to get a better result, you still need to do more. One thing you can do is giving the room a touch of texture through wooden furniture or knitted tablecloth.

White and blue give the feel of a nautical dining room idea. Maintain and match the white color on your walls and ceiling. Image two tone dining room from goodhousekeeping
The bright dining room that is produced from the sun’s rays makes this room appear wider. The combination of white with wood makes the farmhouse dining room decoration look simple. Image bright dining room from goodhousekeeping

5. Not Minding the Ceiling

Don’t just stop with the walls when fixing the small dining area. To create a larger impression in the room, you should also work with the ceiling. Installing a high ceiling or painting it in white are some tricks you can follow.

Match the ceiling color with your white walls to match this dining room. Colorful tablecloths provide a color that creates a sense of joy. Image wall and ceiling in matching colors from goodhousekeeping
White ceiling and walls are one of the tricks that trick the eye to make your small dining room appear more spacious. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes give an amazing classic feel. Image white pallet plafon from goodhousekeeping

That concludes some common mistakes that people often make with a small dining room. If your dining space is also not large, you can be a wiser and smarter homeowner by avoiding those mistakes.


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