As one of the most important places in your home, where you welcome and entertain your guests, or maybe the favorite room to unwind with the rest of your family at the end of a busy day, you need to give energy to your living room. The below list of wall art design ideas will inspire you to decorate it with style and personality.

Pressed Plants in Frame

Do you have favorite plants and are willing to bring the natural beauty of them inside your home? Pluck their leaves, flowers, or branches, then press and add beautiful frames. Now you have natural wall decor that is earthy and least expensive.

Arrange some herbarium leaves in a rectangular frame for natural wall decoration in your living room. Align the frame with the side table to make it look more organized. Image herbarium frames from kenisahome.
Choose one of the leaves on your favorite plant as an easy and cheap wall decoration. Align the color of your base frame with the wall so that it blends in perfectly. Image greenery frame from idealhome.

DIY Colorful Pet Prints

It’s time to add unique accents to your living room walls. Use photos of your lovely dog or cat for the outline to make these pieces of art. You can use as many different color patterns as you desire.

Classic dog prints placed right above the fireplace are the focal points in your living room. Besides that, this animal frame provides a high appeal to have. Image classic dog prints from lushome.
Add artistic value to your living room with monochromatic dog prints that can transform a vintage style into something more charming. You can try it right now. Image monochrome dog prints from lushome.

Decorative Mirrors

A mirror is a simple wall art design that can make a big statement into your room. Especially for small spaces, it can make an optic illusion that makes your room seem larger. You can hang a decorative mirror – small or large size – on your living room wall, especially above a cabinet or shelf.

Besides being able to create a wider room, DIY tassel mirrors can also be an accent that can beautify the room. Hang it right above the storage cabinet. Image tassel mirror from decoholic.
Select several mirrors of different shapes and sizes. This mirror wall decoration will give you a luxurious and beautiful classic impression. Image gold frame mirrors from decoholic.

Initial Washi Tape

You should try this charming artwork: design art using washi tape, you can spell out your family name or create the first initial of each member in the family, including your pet. You can be creative to make them in black and white or colorful.

Glue the washi tape to the wall so that it resembles a heart shape. Choose black to make it look more contrast on your white wall. Image washi tape heart from abeautifulmess
Washi tape in several different colors gives a sense of joy to your living room. Choose several bold colors like red, yellow, and green. Image colorful washi tape from designrulz.

Pin Map

Do you and your beloved family love to travel and have big dreams to visit all 50 states of the world? Hang a framed map on your wall and mark your territory with push pins.

In addition to wall decoration, a colored pin map can also be used for the knowledge of people who come to your house. Color map pins are easier to learn. Image color pin map from manored.
Pin map frame hanger on top of your sofa with regular spacing and not too far. Choose a wooden frame to get a natural impression. Image black and white map pins from gatheredky.

Whatever you decide to copy from these wall art design ideas, always add the touch of personality—the more personal they are, the more unique and homier it will be.

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