Though you lack outdoor space, there is no limit to creating your dream lush garden. A well-designed garden needs proper planning and maintenance, and these terrace landscaping ideas require more than a simple planter. Find out which one you can use as fresh inspiration.

Softening the Hard Edge 

Beautiful but cold and hard, stone can create an unpleasant look that is so uninviting. Look for an option to soften the hard edge. You can use spillers plants like lavender, ferns, lady’s mantle, and coreopsis. You can also use creeper types of plants such as sedum, thyme, and scotch moss.

Vines on the fence and ferns on the landscaped stone patio area will soften the edges for a beautiful look. You can imitate this decoration on your backyard. Image green vines from livingetc
A smart way to produce a soft patio design is to plant several different types of plants. Ferns creeping over the fence looks beautiful. Image fresh ferns from livingetc

The Pretty Pergola

For a terrace area that is too sunny, a pergola can be a good addition to grow your garden. Beautiful florals that are great to grow on it are jasmine, camellias, magnolias, or climbing hydrangea.

Pergola curtains can be used as a place of privacy outside the room. Make it as comfortable and calm as possible so that you feel at home for a long time in this place. Image curtains pergola from countryliving
DIY wooden Pergola decorated with flowers and ornamental plants around it gives a beautiful and fresh feel. This area looks simple but attracts attention. Image DIY pergola from countryliving

Add Lighting

The terrace garden is best to enjoy in the evening. Having jasmine in your garden is a great idea as it is one of the plants that release scents at night. While to get the best ambiance, you can add proper lighting into your list of terrace landscaping ideas, from tea light candles, fairy lighting, table lighting, to outdoor wall lights.

Give maximum lighting to your patio decoration, string lights become lighting that feels bright. This light helps your activities at night. Image string lights pergola from hgtv
Buy and install lights on the patio with the right placement so that they can provide reflected light in certain outdoor spaces that are frequented at night. Image chandelier lighting pergola from bhg

 Shooting Sounds

Add shooting sounds for privacy and create a serene outdoor space. It could be wind chimes, rustling plants, or even water features. 

Apply water fountain to the landscaping terrace decoration to produce a distinctive sound that can bring a calm atmosphere to the listeners. Image water fountain from hgtv
Hang some bamboo wind chimes on the patio for a unique sound. These DIY chimes are on a budget and very easy to make. Image bamboo wind chimes from pxfuel

Colorful Vertical Garden

Add a pop of colors in your terrace garden. Grow your favorite plants—from herbs to flowers—in vibrant colored pots, and display them on a repurpose rustic ladder. It’s an easy yet fun idea to create a charming outdoor environment.

Paint each pot two different colors for a joyous atmosphere. Hang it on your pallet rail neatly. Image colorful hanging pots from balconygardenweb
Water and cut your vertical flowers regularly to keep them growing and neat. This flower brings a harmonious atmosphere. Image vertical flower from demilked

Consider combining two or even more of these terrace landscaping ideas to create a lovely outdoor environment that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature in a small space without investing a lot of effort, money, and time.

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