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45 Out-of-the-Box Bedroom Ideas that will Turn Many Heads

A bedroom is a place where you have a rest, but it can also be personalized so that it will look as good as we want. If you are a person who loves enjoying your time in the bedroom and loves the idea of displaying it to your guests, these out-of-the-box bedroom ideas are absolutely for you. 

Amazing View from the Attic

It is an amazing idea and an excellent reason to redesign your house’s attic. A massive window that is shaped like the attic roof will give you a stunning view of the outdoors. The bed is laid frameless on the floor, creating a wide-open space for optimal viewing through the window and feeling the warmth from the room heater. The interior design should be rustic to achieve the mountain-cabin ambience. 

Wooden floors and ceilings from apartmenttherapy
wooden celling from housebeautiful
Bohemian bedroom theme from housebeautiful
Large window from renoguide
Frameless bed from renoguide
Wooden floor from renoguide

Foggy-Mountain Mural Ambience

How about sleeping in the middle of a cool, foggy mountain? That’s wondrous! If you are great at painting or know someone who can create an amazing realistic mural on your bedroom walls, then sleeping in between the trees of a foggy mountain is not impossible. 

Foggy mountain mural wall from thesleepjudge
Shades of gray from domino
Tropical mural wall from loveproperty
Snow mountain mural wall from loveproperty
Misty forest mural from bambetle

Tree-Branch Bed

Out of the list of these unique bedroom ideas is this tree-branch bed. The bed frame is made of real tree branches leaving a stylish, rustic feel to the whole room. Any colors can work well with this out-of-the-box bed, especially timber colors. 

White tree branch cut from founterior
Tree branch bed legs from hotelchicblog
Black tree-branch bed from hotelchicblog
Canopy tree branches from hotelchicblog
Brown tree branch bed from customrusticfurniture

Floating Bed

The first thing that would cross your mind when you see this quirky bed is using floating beds. This kind of bed design overs a simplicity and will save your floor. To look more attractive, you can install LED lighting under the bed.

Black headboard from homedit
Wooden floating bed from homedit
Black floating bed from homedit
Wooden floating bed from homedit
Red headboard from homedit
Storage under floating bed from storiestrending

Find out which one of the out-of-the-box bedroom ideas that suits you best. You’ll also get a spectacular experience sleeping in those magical bedrooms. 

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