As an extension of your home, a backyard is generally more pleasurable, casual, and multi-colors. It is up to your knowledge and skills in landscape design what your backyard is going to look like. You can also hire a landscape designer to have a great backyard. From the landscape styles to plant and material selection, here are some gorgeous landscaping ideas for your home backyard. 

Multifunctional Backyard 

The designer decided to remove the lawn in this landscape and add heightened stacked-stone containers for growing herbs and veggies. The landscape design has been tested to be drought-tolerant and includes a set of benches, some containers made with broken-down granite pebbles, a fire pit, and steppingstones. It is one of the most gorgeous and multi-use landscaping ideas you can have at home. 

Rock fire pit from hgtv
Stacked stone containers from onegreenplanet

Islamic-Styled Courtyard

An Islamic-styled garden is based on the standards of Middle Eastern landscaping designs. It is basically a courtyard with a seating area. It also features a summer house and a large basin-fountain encircled with some pebbles on a raised concrete surface. The fountain is the centerpiece of the courtyard, and the surrounding is embellished with raised concrete containers of year-round beautiful jewel-colored plants.  

Private Garden

A private garden offers extra privacy from the surrounding bad view or nosy neighbors. If you have a house in the middle of busy urban life, this is one of the gorgeous landscaping ideas that can be a smart solution—especially if you also have children. 

The private garden is actually a lawn surrounded by graceful vines, aromatic Burkwood osmanthus, Japanese privet, and tall bamboo along the wall. The lawn also features an extended wooden deck where you can place a kid’s play sandbox with a specially-designed cover to keep the sand and toys inside the box when it is not being used. You may as well create a lounge area there, so you can relax while watching the kids play. 

Wooden sandbox with lid from cutediyprojects
Folding wooden sandbox from cutediyprojects
Colorful sandbox from cutediyprojects
Wooden deck sandbox from landspacedesign
Wooden bench from idealhome
Brick fireplace from idealhome
Gray wicker sofa from idealhome

So, are you ready to redesign your backyard with the above gorgeous landscaping ideas? Choose one or two, or combine all of them in smart design, then you can enjoy the beauty with your family at home. 

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