Having a good garden is something that can give you soothing refreshment after a hectic day but having a wonderful garden can give you more than just a refreshing feel. 

We’ve gathered some wood landscaping designs to enhance the look and feel of your garden. Try one of these ideas and be prepared to experience a whole new feeling of your garden.


Pergolas with Wooden Floor

Although pergola is a classic wood landscaping element for gardens, it’s proven to be timeless and versatile. You can go as simple or as detailed as you want. Try to build a simple design pergola from wood as a patio; stay minimal with the details.

Combine the pergola with a wooden floor, and you can also add stone structure on the base of the pergola feet to add accent. Add minimalist-style wooden outdoor furniture, or wooden furniture with minimal metal accent, and finally hang a few pots of plants on the pergola’s ceiling to finish your patio.

Wooden mini dining table from handimania

Minimalist Gazebo

A gazebo is another interesting wood landscaping idea for your garden. You can build a gazebo at the center of your garden or other favorite spots in your garden. Try to build a plain gazebo structure from wood, and you can keep the wooden texture visible or paint it with a solid color. You can also choose a different color for the roof.

Add a wooden platform, comfortable thick cushions, and a minimalist short wooden table if you prefer to sit or lie down comfortably on the gazebo floor. If you prefer a fully furnished gazebo, you can try to add a table and sofa set. A curtain also can be added on the gazebo for a hint of privacy.

Pallet wood chairs from nextluxury
White linen curtain from nextluxury
White wicker sofa set from expocafeperu
Small gazebo from nextluxury
Modern gasebo lighting with whichtobuy
Classic gazebo from decoist
Tropical wooden gazebo from thenateshow
Contemporary patio gazebo from thenateshow
Wooden chair from thenateshow

Kids Playhouse

Give the kids a little fun with this wood landscaping idea. You can build a playhouse from wood—or even more fun, a treehouse! The structure doesn’t need to be permanent so that it can be moved easily. A simple square or more complex shapes can be used for the playhouse. Be creative and make it interesting for the kids to play in.

Decorate it with fun colors, wooden toy boxes, or any other cute and fun decorations. The floor can be made as a platform or flat on the ground.

Wooden toy boxes from countryliving
Hobbit playhouse from diygarden
Blue and white treehouse from familyhandyman
Simple wooden tree house from familyhandyman
Wooden playhouse from diygarden
Unique colorful path from diygarden
Wooden pallet playhouse from thegardenglove
White playhouse from thegardenglove

Have fun experimenting with the wood landscaping ideas!

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