Planting can be a sort of relaxation activity that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Be it flowers; herbs or small vegetables can be a good medium for your relaxation. If you plan to do indoor planting, we’ve collected 3 mini indoor greenhouse design ideas for your plants. They are simple to do and cost little, perfectly suitable for planting in early spring or winter.

Nearly Zero-Cost Mini Greenhouse

If you want a mini indoor greenhouse design that costs you nearly nothing, you can try these ideas. Paper egg container can be used as a mini-greenhouse. All you need to do is separate the cartons and poke a hole at the bottom, then plant the seeds directly.

Another one is windowsill greenhouse made of skewers or twigs and a clear see-through plastic bag. Make a frame by using skewers or twigs; you can make 3 rectangles for the frame.

Place two rectangles in a vertical position and connect them by placing the third rectangle in the middle between the 2 rectangles in a horizontal position. Cover the frame with a plastic bag, and your greenhouse is ready.

Egg cartons pot from treehugger
Eggshells pot from treehugger
Recycled egg cartons from mothering
Paper egg container from pinkfortitude
DIY egg carton from gardeningknowhow
Egg carton greenhouse from gardendiyideas
Windowsill greenhouse from definebottle
Indoor greenhouse seedlings from gardendiyideas

Wooden Mini Greenhouse

If you have more time and skills on a DIY project, you can try this mini indoor greenhouse design. You can use some repurposed wood pieces, or an old picture frame to construct the base. Do it the way they construct an aquarium but without the bottom part. You can use glue or nails to put the wooden pieces together.

Once the base part is done, you can construct the roof by putting together wooden pieces or a picture frame so it will look like a rooftop. Attach the roof to the base construction with glue, and finally, add clear vinyl around the base.

White wooden mini greenhouse from minigardenguide
Wooden mini greenhouse from inhabitat
Rustic wooden greenhouse from gardendiyideas
White wooden box greenhouse from gardendiyideas
Recycled container mini greenhouse from greenhouseemporium
White mini-greenhouse from theplaidzebra

Indoor Greenhouse with Light

If you need a more sophisticated indoor greenhouse design, you can build a wooden rack and hang light on top of it, and then you can place your plants underneath the light.

There’s also a simple way to do this, instead of building a rack from scratch, you can utilize unused space in one of your rack shelves, add a light on the top of the space that you want to use, and place your plants underneath it.

DIY grow light shelves from balconygardenweb
3-level shelf with white lights from familyfoodgarden
Indoors grow under lights from awaytogarden

Happy planting with the cute DIY mini indoor greenhouse design ideas!

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