Well-decorated classrooms for the new school year definitely will give more excitement and freshness when the summer is over. If you feel an overall makeover to the classroom is too much to handle, you can try modifying a few things or adding new elements to the current decoration. We’ve gathered the following 35 classroom design ideas for you to try. 

Birds at the Window

This one is a simple classroom design idea you can try, to add sparks of creativity to your classroom. Cut a small straight rectangle to act as wires for the birds, and then add colorful birds on top of the wires. Stick it to the window’s glass; it will give a subtle yet colorful touch.

DIY colorful bird from johannarundel
DIY bird craft from lapappadolce
Small bird window from hikendip
Colorful bird window from imageneseducativas
Colorful bird crafts from zlobektuptusie
Birds hanging windows from familyholiday

Under Water Ceiling Décor

Is the ceiling feels to plain? This classroom design idea will spice it up. Stick several semi-transparent blue fabrics corners to the ceiling and let loose the center part. You can play with different shades of blue to add variety and let it pass some lights. Add a sea creature’s silhouette made from paper on the loose center part; it will give your ceiling a nice scenery.

Ocean classroom from quotesgram

Canopy Classroom

Expanding the underwater ceiling classroom design idea, you can cover the classroom with a canopy. Carefully choose a color and material that goes along with the overall theme. These canopies will enhance the mood and atmosphere of the classroom.

Yellow cloth canopy from buzzfeed
Green leaf canopy from barlby
Small ombre canopy from southernliving

Colorful Hanging Decoration

This hanging decoration is another classroom design idea you can explore. It’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. Hang a hoop with crafting strings on the ceiling, then cut the strips of colorful papers, try to vary the hue or shades to create more interesting gradients.

Attach the paper strips around the hoop on one side and the ceiling on the other side. It will create a fun ceiling decoration. Try to put a bench or seating cushions surrounding the decorations.

Colorful tissue sky from schoolgirlstyle
Colorful sky decoration from boredteachers
Umbrella craft project from funnycrafts

Jungle-Themed Reading Corner

This classroom design idea requires some effort, but it’s doable. You can arrange a comfortable chair or sofa surrounded by jungle-explorer themed decorations, such as a world map, plants, wooden boxes, or an artificial tree made from paper. A wooden bookshelf that exposes its wooden texture can also be added to enhance the jungle atmosphere.

jungle-themed makeover from southernliving
Shades brown from teachjunkie
Fake paper tree from pacon
Fake cardboard tree crafts from weareteachers
Jungle themed classroom from steveantony
Animal patterned pillow from weareteachers

Opt for a classroom design to boost everybody’s creativity now!

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