Decorating your home might be one of the most fun activities to do, but sometimes it doesn’t fit well with the surrounding. Choosing the right decoration that fits well with the rest of the house requires planning and good attention in details.

If you feel stuck when decorating, we’ve gathered a few home décor tricks that might work for your situation and will make your decorating moment bliss. Check them out.

Table Decorations

This home décor is one of the simplest. If you to enhance your home decor, just try to decorate your table, dining table, or coffee table. In this case, you can decorate the table with a centerpiece idea that has various themes. You can decorate according to the season or your taste. Adding some decorative items to the table also sounds interesting. Make your table as beautiful as possible then your home will look sophisticated.

Bold Hues in the Hallway

Don’t be afraid to pick colors. Choosing bold hues for your hallway that are different from the rest of the house is another home décor trick you can try. It will give you an unexpected experience when you walk along the hallway backdropped with bold-hue painted walls—especially if you also display your collection of pictures, collectibles, or wall art there. 

Dark purple and wall gallery from mansionglobal
Blue and navy wall from mansionglobal

Impact in Small Space

If you want to add an impact to small space such as powder room, you can try this home décor trick. Place a graphic print with large and strong motives along the wall of your small space then choose furniture and decorations that match the graphic print theme. This trick will ensure a big impact on your small spaces.

Print graphic animal pattern from thestylesafari
Black and white pattern from thestylesafari
Flowering quince wallpaper from thestylesafari
Blue elegant hues powder room from thestylesafari
Wallpaper with Chinese theme from thestylesafari

Full Height Shelving

Full height floor-to-ceiling shelving is a versatile home décor trick that never fails to impress everyone. If you have a large enough room that needs a character, place floor-to-ceiling shelving as a start and moves to other elements to build the mood and atmosphere of your room.

High gray shelf from mymove
Height bookshelf from elledecor
Blue height shelf from elledecor
Black book storage from elledecor
Open white bookshelf from realhomes
Spacious shelving from decoist
Space divider shelf from decoist

There are many other home décor tricks you can try and experiment with, such as mix and match between different styles, adding patterned accents, or adding textures, all can work as long as we can cleverly put them together. Happy decorating!


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