If we can spare some time and don’t mind getting our hands dirty, we can make our own outdoor decoration and built an outdoor junk garden. Apart from reducing waste and saving the earth, outdoor junk decorations will also save our money, as they are zero cost and readily available. This time, we have a few ideas for this junk garden project. Check them out.


Planter from a Drawer

Unused old drawers can make beautiful outdoor junk garden decorations. We can use them as a planter, try to arrange them in a stack with a wooden easel like a staircase, or hang them on the porch if the drawer is not too large. We can also put the drawer on the ground and fill it with colorful flowers to make a flowerbed.

Colorful drawer planter from funkyjunkinteriors
Green Drawer Planter from confessionsofaserialdiyer
Drawer flower pot from littlethings
Dresser drawer junk garden from littlethings
DIY repurpose drawer planter from todayshomeowner
Old drawer planter from bobvila

Dining Ware Wind Chime

Do you have unused metal dining ware lying around? Try this simple yet clever outdoor junk garden decoration. We can use colander, plate, or similar ware to use as the base of our wind chime. Next, drill holes around the edges of the base and also on the base of the material.

Once the holes drilled, flip the colander or plate and attach a crafting string, twine, or wire on the base, so it’s hanging upside down. Attach other dining ware such as spoon, fork or knife to the rest of the holes with strings, and hang the wind chime on a place where it can catch a lot of wind.

DIY Whimsical Silverware Wind Chimes from interiorfrugalista
Wind chimes from teapots and forks from gotmyreservations
Silver teapot wind chimes from colormethrifty
Repurposed junk owl wind chime from colormethrifty

Cabinet Door Wall Art

Unused cabinet door can also be used as outdoor junk garden decorations. One of them is as wall art or signage. The cabinet door can be painted with patterns or lettering. Hang it on the wall near our front door or place it as a sign in our front yard.

Old door and iron basket planter from organizedclutter
Repurpose wooden door wall art from fleamarketgardening
Blue door planter from fleamarketgardening
White old door wall art from fleamarketgardening
Red cupboard door and wreath from fleamarketgardening
Red cupboard door with writing from fleamarketgardening

Those are a few ideas of outdoor junk garden decorations you can try. So, don’t throw away the junk yet, experiment with them and have fun creating junk garden decorations.

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