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Creating a special spot in your garden will enhance your experience, and it can create some sort of comfortable and magical atmosphere—especially when the spot is secluded from the rest of the garden. This time we have a few garden secret ideas for you to make. Get ready for a magical experience to captivate everyone who visits your garden.

Magical Entrance

The entrance to the secret garden is one of the essential secret garden ideas. It serves not only as a mark between public and private areas; it also brings a magical sense when you go through the entrance.

The entrance can be a gate, wooden door, or an arc with luxuriant plantation or a combination between a door and plantation to give a more hidden feel to it. A pathway leading to the entrance can also be added as an option.

Wooden entrance from totallandscapecare
Wooden gate from bhg
Garden gate with ivy archway from countryliving
Flower-covered arch from countryliving
Antique gate from countryliving
white door with pointed arch from countryliving
Wooden door from theguardian
Tree trunk archway from theguardian
Yellow wooden door from plantedwell

Privacy Screen

A secret garden is not a secret without a secluded feel or privacy, so the next secret garden ideas are to add some screen to our secret spot. The screen privacy level can be adjusted to suit your preference, be it a fully secluded or partially secluded.

The privacy screen can be constructed using various materials such as wooden pieces, logs, wire fences, or even lush plantation. Experiment with the best materials to suit your theme.

You can try to make a full wall of plants to screen your secret spot. A sparse wooden fence with occasional vines growing between the fence’s spaces, or even a pure log wall will do good as well. 

Corten Steel Panel from gardenista
Woven steel screen from gardenista
Wooden pannel privacy from gardenista
Lattice trellis from gardenista

Different Look

These secret garden ideas are very important ingredients for your secret spot. Try to give a totally different look to your secret spot to give a more magical atmosphere. You can try to give a natural, unmaintained look if the rest of your garden is very well-maintained and structured, or vice versa.

Giving a different set of flooring and outdoor furniture can also be an option. For example, you can cover your secret spot base with stepping stones or a wooden deck while the rest of the garden is mainly covered with lawn.

Piles of stones and statues from gardendiyideas
Iron furnitur and purple wall from gardendiyideas
Fishponds and greenery from gardendiyideas
White water fountain from gardendiyideas
Red trees and stone paths from gardendiyideas
Stone pathway from gardendiyideas
Reclaimed wooden furnitur from gardendiyideas
Shabby dining table set from gardendiyideas

Secret garden ideas are limitless. So, be sure to experiment and have fun building your magical garden’s secret spot to make it extraordinary and captivating for everybody.

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