Small room spaces can be cumbersome. Fortunately, we can work around the problem by using corner storage. It can save spaces and give a unique look to our rooms.

Corner storage can come in many shapes, as wall-mounted ones, cabinets, tables, and many more. This time, we will share a few interesting corner storage ideas with you. Check them out.

Corner Working Desk

A corner of a room can be a perfect spot to work; this corner storage idea is to convert a corner to a working spot. Place a rounded corner desk with the round edges facing towards the wall. Make sure you create enough room to work on the desk, and your hand movements are not hindered.

Additionally, you can build some hanging corner shelves above the desk to store books or your other working tools. 

Wooden corner workbench from instructables
Corner wooden desk from womanadvice.ru
Black corner wooden desk from thand.info
Large corner desk  from simplifiedbuilding

Corner Book Shelves

If we have tons of books, it never hurts to try these corner storage ideas. Utilizing corners as bookshelves is not a new thing, but it’s proven to be one of the best solutions for small rooms.

The bookshelves can be built at a full height from top to bottom or partially. We can also build hanging bookshelves that extend along the top part of the wall, since it’s positioned relatively high from the floor, thus not hindering our movement.

We can also utilize the protruding corner of a wall to make bookshelves. Simply create nooks on the protruding edges, so it gives room to store books.

DIY zig-zag corner shelf from donpedrobrooklyn
DIY Hanging Corner Shelf from donpedrobrooklyn
Stacked corner shelves from donpedrobrooklyn
DIY used box corner shelves from donpedrobrooklyn
Inverted corner shelves from donpedrobrooklyn
Floating book shelf from donpedrobrooklyn
Industrial pipe rack from ideastand
Small corner shelving from ideastand
Tree bookshelf corner from ideastand
Tree corner shelf from homebnc
Stand corner bookshelf from roomdsign
Gold pipe corner shelf from roomdsign

Corner Cabinets

Cabinets can be very useful for storing things. That’s why we can experiment with these corner storage ideas for cabinets that can be built at full height, or partially. Generally, using top-half part of the wall is the best solution for small rooms.

Hanging cabinets can be extended along the top part of the wall for extra storage. But if you don’t need a large storage space, you can utilize just the corner space of your room. You can also build shelves in the corner and add curtains or transparent fabric to act as a cabinet door for variations.

Black cabinet and red curtains from organized-home

Those are some corner storage possibilities we can try to maximize small space at home and make it more efficient. Be creative utilizing the corner and have fun.

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