Good-looking campsite and patio decorating ideas for all types of rvers 5

If you are looking for campsite decorating ideas, this page is the right place for you to go. The ideas below are easy to follow that will transform your space into an enjoyable outdoor living space. The ideas are collected in Good-Looking Campsite And Patio Decorating Ideas For All Types Of RVers.

Create A Screen Room

Creating a screen room here will make your time outside more enjoyable than ever. You can purchase a screen tent to set up next to your RV.

Hang Curtains From Your Awning

The curtain here can be closed to block the sun and can also create additional privacy. Besides, if you do not have a bar along which to hang the curtain, you can use a grommet punch to create holes in a sheer curtain and then hang it along the edge of an awning with the curtain clips. In addition, if you want to hang curtains around your patio area, do not have an awning. You can run a piece of rope between two tall shepherd’s hooks and hang curtains from that. Perfecto!

Add A Privacy Screen

The idea of a privacy screen here will add visual interest. Besides, it can also hide ugly parts of your RV. This idea can be done with even just one panel of inexpensive and lightweight lattice leaning next to your camper’s front door. It will make a pretty place to hang plants or décor.

Get An Outdoor Rug

When people are not interested to use the outdoor rugs for the patio, here you can see the outdoor rug can transform a space. Moreover, when you are camping somewhere you do not have a patio, the use of outdoor rugs is perfect to throw down on top of gravel, grass, sand, or dirt to create an even surface. Besides, this idea can keep you from tracking so much mud or sand into your RV.

Put Your Weather-Resistant Throw Pillows

Some outdoor throw pillows and a few simple decorative items will transform the area outside your RV to be a relaxing outdoor living area. You can have beige zero-gravity chairs, outdoor throw pillows with tropical covers, boho macrame wall hanging, tropical leaf garland, accent table, black and white outdoor rug.

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