Dreamy modern rooftop garden ideas for urban life 5

Living in an apartment or condominium makes us wish to have a rooftop garden. It seems like the only solution to plant our most favorite flowers and or herbs. Having a garden on the balcony will be a great thing. Gardening will not just a dream anymore. However, consider the area to build the garden as well. Is it large enough to build a garden on your rooftop? We have dreamy modern rooftop garden ideas to copy. Check them out further below!


Lemon Tree Garden

Lemon tree garden

It seems nice to take a lemon from the tree directly by hand. Furthermore, it will be a nice idea to make lemon juice and drink it on a summer day. This spring is a perfect time to plant a lemon tree. Though it will need more time to take the fruits the tree will improve our rooftop area design.

Green Modern Rooftop Area

Green modern rooftop area

You will get a calm atmosphere here every afternoon. Sometimes, we need certain hours to get rest and boost our mood after working all day. The rooftop garden gives you all. This area looks so cozy to get a cup of tea and enjoy the season, every season.

Amazing Rooftop Beekeeping

Amazing rooftop beekeeping

Do you want to get a good quality of honey? Make your own beekeeping. Your busy bees will produce more and more honey for you. Even, you can sell each bottle of honey. Make sure you plant natural resources for bees on your rooftop garden.

Rooftop Garden With Bird-Feeder

Rooftop garden with bird-feeder

There are various birds that fly around the sky. It comes with a possibility that one of them will come to your rooftop garden. Make a bird-feeder will not take much money. You can make a DIY bird-feeder from a glass or bottle.

A Few Potted Plants

A few potted plants

If your apartment only a small balcony space, this garden might what you will have. A few potted plants will spruce up your rooftop area beautifully. Plant any flower, succulent, or cacti as you like. Add wicker furniture to sit anytime you want.

Vegetable Gardening On Your Rooftop

Vegetable gardening on your rooftop

Stay healthy by eating more vegetables. It will be better to plant the vegetables by yourself. Build a rooftop garden to plant any vegetable you want. With some soils and water, you will have this kind of garden to fill your empty rooftop area.

Decorative Raised Pool

Decorative raised pool

This modern gardening style will never make you upset. See the decorative raised pool that so eye-catching and sophisticated. The one who loves nature will adore this rooftop garden as well. What an amazing design!



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