Spring bathroom decor ideas with living wall 2

Some people might spend more time in the bathroom longer than in other rooms. It can be because they love to stay in the bathroom while thinking about their ideas. Others love to spend more hours in the bathroom while reading a novel. It is such a unique thing to do more activities in the bathroom. You may find some people factually do that. However, the bathroom itself should be decorated well to make the owner wants to stay for a longer time. See our ideas below!



Shower With A Bright Living Wall

Shower with a bright living wall

This small bathroom provides a little space to sit with a nice stool. It has a shower area that seems so pretty with a green living wall. In this space, we will feel like in a tropical country with its natural beauty. What an awesome bathroom decor is this!

Super Lush Greenery Wall

Super lush greenery wall

Look at this minimalist bathroom that appears so eye-catching on walls. There are two greenery walls that give a fresh and lush appearance. The tropical leaves bring us to feel like in a forest. We adore other elements like the tray, basket, and Moroccan lanterns.

Living Moss Wall With A Wooden Part

Living moss wall with a wooden part

It seems like you are a princess of a kingdom to take a bath here. You will directly notice the living wall. The lower part of it filled with wood.  This pretty bathroom is nice and cozy. Luckily, it can be built in a small area as well.  We adore the wooden floor as well.

Moss Wall In Your Bathroom

Moss wall in your bathroom

This chic and stylish bathroom looks so fresh and natural. Even if you live in an apartment, you can build this kind of bathroom with living moss. However, pay attention to maintain the wall since it needs much water to stay alive longer.

Living Greenery Wall In A Bathroom

Living greenery wall in a bathroom

The one who loves a modern bathroom design will adore this bathroom style. See the living greenery walls that separated by a mirror in this bathroom that so elegant. The owner adds simple lighting fixtures to make it real like a forest.

Lush Greenery Wall

Lush greenery wall

Bring the piece of nature inside your house is a gorgeous idea. Look at this bathroom with a lush greenery wall that will boost your mood anytime you take a bath. We love the wooden floor and hidden storage over the bathtub as well.

Floor-To-Ceiling Lush Greenery Wall

Floor to ceiling lush greenery wall

This adorable bathroom looks so modern and chic with a lush greenery wall.  If you love a contemporary bathroom style, this idea will inspire you more.


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