Pretty pink bathroom decor ideas to attain a cozy and sweet atmosphere 2

If men love black bathrooms, women love pink bathrooms most. Pinks are sweet and feminine to room decor. Bathrooms with pink colored-wall appear more eye-catching. The one who loves a cheerful tone will adore pink bathroom decorations. There shouldn’t be only pink walls, feel free to install a pink sink, bathtub, or other bathroom elements. In this article, we are going to show you pink bathroom decoration ideas. Let us check them out further below!


Pink Bathroom With Stained Glass Window

This is a pretty masterpiece that anyone wants to have. There is a white bathtub at the center with a pink tone around. The stained glass window with sheer white curtains looks so elegant. Spending time here will make you attain more inspiration.

With Deep Burgundy-Pink Marble

See the floating cabinets that show a pretty look with a natural burgundy marble frame with deep pink color. Furthermore, the angular geometric tiles will never make this bathroom out of date. A cute glass vase with pink flowers is just mind-blowing.

Pale Peach Pink Penny Tile

Do you wish to attain a pin spotlight to your bathroom? Why don’t you apply color block, then? In this bathroom, the walls are nice with pale peach pink penny tiles. While the powder room is done in grey penny tiles. Overall, this color block style is wonderful.

Amazing Mixing Tiles Bathroom

Combining two or more tile styles for a bathroom is not a mistake. Even it brings a great look. See this bathroom with penny tiles for the upper half of the wall that looks so cute in pink. Then, the lower half wall looks so eye-catching with zellige rectangular tiles.

Bubble Gum Pink Backdrop

Play with different colors for a bathroom will give you eye-catching bathroom decor. In this bathroom, the designer applies a bubble pink backdrop for the lower half of the wall. The grayscale black and white tile for the upper half of the wall seems so elegant. See the floor tile that looks so cute with two different pinks.

Pink Marble Wall Shower Room

How to make a timeless and upscale bathroom with pink? This bathroom shows you the answer. Look at the pink marble wall in the shower room that looks so elegant. This way isn’t hard to do. The white colors around let the pink wall stands out.

Monochromatic Bubblegum Pink Subway Tiles

Go with monochromatic bubblegum pink subway tiles to attain a calm bathroom decoration. Lay the tiles vertically for a higher building look. This bathroom design works well for kids or adults.

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