Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 2

Live in a penthouse is a great deal for anyone. It might because of the luxurious style or the prestigious things inside. There many urban people work all day long, five days a week, and sometimes more hours. They need to come home in a house with a serenity design to get back good their mood. Beautiful home with luxury decor will be one of the best places to rid of stress. See this penthouse interior design!

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 1

There is a living space with a spacious seating area that many people can sit and have a chit-chat. Look at the paneled artwork on the wall that so artistic.  The matching modular table set completes this living space beautifully. The dark-colored rug area underneath adds a warmer atmosphere.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 2

A dramatic hallway with unforgettable black marble in this penthouse is a nice space. The artwork lines appear so stunning to fill the empty wall. The combination of wooden walls, concrete, and marble here seems so elegant. With optimum lighting fixtures and glass windows, this hallway looks brighter.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 3

In this area, we see a large area with a floor-to-ceiling sculpture that so vivacious. The daybed seems so warm and cozy to spend our free time on a weekend while reading a novel. We can see the dining area a well with a long rectangular table and dark chairs that so elegant. You will adore the chandelier too.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 4

Here is a closer look at the dining space with dark based color tone. See the partition with a modern fire pit that separates the dining and living space. The dining room is designed well with artistic touches here and there.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 5

The one who loves a luxury thing will adore this bedroom design. This sumptuous sleeping area has an indoor fire pit to get a warmer atmosphere in winter. Furthermore, there is an artistic picture on the wall right over the headboard to complete a glamour bedroom style. The combination of dark and white in this room is fabulous.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 6

Look at this inspiring closet located near the sleeping area. There is an espresso machine that makes it possible to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee every morning. When you are ready to go, just take your favorite jacket easily.

Luxury penthouse design with dramatic touches 7

Can you guess where we are? Yes, indeed. This is the bathroom area located right next to the bedroom. It was designed well with a modern tone. The bathtub and sink seem connected. The partition between the bathroom and bedroom is only a glass wall but it makes a gorgeous look.


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