Under $100 decoration ideas to give our bathrooms a major design upgrade 2

We need to upgrade our bathroom decoration periodically to avoid a monotonous look. However, it means that we should spend more money to gain a great decoration as we wish. Actually, you don’t need to replace the furniture, if all things are still in a good performance. However, adding some small pieces will be much better. In this article, we are going to show you bathroom decor ideas that only need under $100. Check them out further!


Give Something Metallic

Give something metallic

Pay attention to how this bathroom is decorated well with metallics that so eye-catching. Those metallic elements will add an industrial feel to the bathroom without break other tones. We adore the arrangement of each detail that makes this bathroom so clean and neat.

Add Fake Plants

Add fake plants

With only $5, you can buy an artificial plant to spruce up your bathroom decoration instantly. No need to change it every day because artificial plants are durable. Put the plants on a vase or bolster to get a more natural look.  Feel free to add as many as you need to fill your empty space.

Focus On Minor Additions

Focus on minor additions

When it is hard to buy a new sink or change other elements, you just need to focus on minor additions. With only a fancy soap put on the sink, it gives a great difference to your bathroom decoration. Of course, this is a budget-friendly thing to do. The soap is around $39.

Eye-Catching Hardware

Eye-catching hardware

Instead of buying a new marble countertop that costs much, it will be much better to add a tiny marble tray to upgrade your sink decoration. It will only around $17 but gives you amazing bathroom decor. See the rose gold handle pulls that so eye-catching and dramatically upgrade this bathroom look.

Give Colorful Rug

Give colorful rug

The easiest way to bring your bathroom to the next level is that adding a new colorful rug. It adds a new texture and pops of color. Furthermore, you gain a warmer bathroom atmosphere as well with only $40. What a cool piece.

Pick One Color

Pick one color

Apply one color for all is something that affordable and doable to re-upgrade your bathroom decor. Look at the bathroom in the picture that shows an all-white appearance. Even, the faucet is in white as well to show an elegant decor.

Add A Tree In The Corner

Add a tree in the corner

Do a simple thing to spruce up your bathroom decoration like adding a tree. It will only cost $33 but dramatically upgrade the bathroom feel. It appears more natural and fresh.


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