Striking black bathroom ideas to create intimate and chic environment 2

A bathroom with bright whites and pops of color might so popular and pretty for the one who wants a cheerful decoration. However, blacks and other dark colors also work well for bathroom decor. Black colors will bring a bathroom to look sleek, sexy, intimate, and chic. Though it seems good for a gentlemen’s bathroom women are allowed to have a black bathroom as well. Let us see our inspiring black bathroom decor below!


Snug And Intimate Bathroom

Snug and intimate

A bathroom with dark-colored tile will never out of date. See this bathroom decoration with black that feels so snug and intimate. Look at the dark cabinets and mood lighting that work well to create a sophisticated bathroom. Even the smoky natural stone sink looks so great.

Cabin-Inspired Bathroom Decor

Cabin-inspired bathroom decor

It seems like we are in a cabin with awesome bathroom decor. See the black wall that shows a masculine tone. There are lush plants to add a natural feel to the bathroom decor. We adore the lighting fixture that appears so eye-catching.

Contemporary Black Bathroom

Contemporary black bathroom

Look at the black wallpaper that becomes the focal interest of this bathroom. It works well with the black clawfoot tub to attain an elegant touch. This bathroom is decorated well in a contemporary feel with glamour touches.

Simple Bathroom Decoration

Simple bathroom decoration

This bathroom has a large black marble shower room area. It has a floor-to-ceiling glass partition to give a modern feel. This bathroom looks awesome for an apartment and small house as well. The dark floor completes this bathroom with a dark tone as well. There is an unexpected white tub that breaks the dark tone as well.

Black Bathroom with Floral Touch

Black bathroom with floral touh

A black bathroom looks masculine but works well for a feminine tone as well. See this bathroom that added by a floral wall. It seems so pretty and eye-catching. The black marble sink seems floating because of the black basic color and the flowered wall around it.

Get Balance Out Whimsy

Get balance out whimsy

The black details in this bathroom lead to a whimsical tone no one can avoid. See the wall with black plain boards that appear so aesthetic. The black marble tile sink seems so mind-blowing with a big white bird foot. This is an elegant bathroom that will make us feel cozy and warm.

Bathroom With Black Cabinet

Bathroom with black cabinet

It will be more impressive to go with black for the cabinet and window. This bathroom shows us that a black window shutter also influences the bathroom decor. All black tone bathrooms will never go out of trend.


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