Earth-tone bedroom edition for best nature feeling 2

Let your bedroom decoration has a neutral touch with the earth-tone theme to make you realize how wonderful this world is. All ideas are collected in Earth-Tone Bedroom Edition For Best Nature Feeling.


Mid-Century Modern Earth Toned City Bedroom

This bedroom has a creamy honeycomb-patterned plush rug that works wonderful resting on the dark blonde wood flooring. On the wall color choice, it has a hearty khaki that quintessential choice for earth tone painting colors for the bedroom. On the other side, you can select a simple striped sheet set to add some style without taking away from the overall modern design. Last, nightcap here creates an intriguing and relaxing styled bedroom.

Grey Green Space Bedroom

This is a fresh and new look with a fine line between two gorgeous gems on the color wheel. Besides, it has a nice place to rest your head at the end of the day with a patterned area rug and plain bedding set. The combination of a comfy and sleek creamy beige chair adds a touch of style as well as the necessary nook to cozy up a good book in comforting loads of natural light. As a finishing, you can put around a black metal wire accent table to add a fun and modern touch to your bedroom.

Plant Lady’s Paradise White Botanical Garden

White is the favorite one for the earth tone theme. Thus a solid white backdrop is always good especially for a bedroom as a clean slate to incorporate all the earthy hues. Meanwhile, for the bed, the pale sage green sheet set is an inviting result to cozy up the entire space with natural beauty. Besides, the bedroom is also echoed around the room with the various house plants. Therefore, it is a conclusion of stunning natural light that emphasizes the botanical beauty of clean and chic bedroom space.

Dusty Rose Earth Tone Bedroom Design

Give a sweet whisper touch of color to your space with a pretty and understated dusty rose duvet. Then, a faux grey concrete wall creates a near underground vibe bedroom. You can also present a stout and small in stature wooden stump to create a delightful side table while the metallic detail on the overhead light incorporates other textural elements. As a whole, this room looks blending in a feminine touch with nature.

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