Minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city 2

Seeing the view of the city from an apartment might become a simple thing to do. However, it can create such a great influence on our minds. That is why giving your best effort in decorating your minimalist apartment is really worth it. After working all day long, we need a fresh view of its beauty. The city at night with lamps everywhere will be an awesome view that boosts our mood. In another case, we see it through the glass windows every day and make us feel more excited. The city view is a mood booster that will remind us that life can be so beautiful. Learn from rent trends in Jacksonville where you can find affordable units with a beautiful view of the city.

Minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city 1

In the first area, we see an open layout floor. There is a living space, kitchen, and dining space in the same place. The living space is designed with a pastel color sofa and rectangle coffee table. We adore the black rug area underneath that gives a warmer atmosphere. There is a glass window to see how wonderful the city view outside.

Minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city 2

The dining space and kitchen are on the same table. It has a marble countertop that was done in a shade of gray. It has four black chairs that so simple and modern. A little centerpiece completes its nautical look. Then, the kitchen seems so clean and sleek because of its neutral tone. From this space, we are given an awesome view of the beautiful city. The owner adds a tiny bed as well to get a comfy sleeping time every day. What makes this space looks so interesting is in the pendants over the kitchen area that shows an industrial feel.

Minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city 3

This apartment was designed in a masculine modern touch. However, it doesn’t mean that only a man can stay here. A woman who adores black and natural color will love to stay in this apartment too. It deals with how the designer gives white and copper touches to smooth the tone. The designer plays role in the use of black glass as the partition between the sleeping space and the bathroom.

Minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city 4

As like as other spaces in this apartment that were done in dark colors, the bathroom appears with black and shades of grey tone. See the sink that has a grey cabinet. The glass wall over it shows the situation around the apartment. Then, it has a cool shower area enclosed with dark glasses. What an awesome decoration is this. The owner also enjoys the minimum lighting fixtures here that are neither too bright nor too dark for a bathroom.


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