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Picturesque Apartment Design With Dark Masculine Interior

An apartment with a wonderful view seems like heaven. The one who works all day will adore a place to take a rest and get rid of stress. Living in an apartment with a modern interior and simple design is something that we should thank for. It will erase our bad mood and give us more inspiration. In this article, we can see the pictures of a picturesque apartment that done in a dark color tone but comfy and stylish. Check out further!

Picturesque apartment design with dark masculine interior 1

See how amazing this living space with big glass windows that show awesome scenery outside. This is a great place to get inspired by the whole thing around. There is a a comfy sofa to sit and or lay down white enjoy the beautiful views. We love the glass coffee table that looks like disappear but so elegant here. It is a nice space to have a simple conversation with a close friend too.

Picturesque apartment design with dark masculine interior 2

The apartment is designed in an open floor layout to look larger. See this reading nook that looks so comfy with a dark chair. The fabulous lighting keeps this area bright every night. When the morning comes, natural sunshine will enlighten this area throughout the day. This simple space will boost our mood with a wondrous city view.

Picturesque apartment design with dark masculine interior 3

See the sleeping area located right behind the living space. It has a cool modern bedding style with dark and white color schemes. We love the dark stone wall that makes this bed needs not a headboard. A little glass window keeps this area bright all day all. The bulb looks so cute put on the side table to enlighten the bed area at night.

Picturesque apartment design with dark masculine interior 4

Are you dare to cook here? Don’t worry! This dark kitchen will not make you die. It looks so sleek and clean with a black cabinet and dark gray countertop. The wooden floor gives a warmer atmosphere among the dark tones around. Downlighting fixtures enlighten the cooking space perfectly. This kitchen has a small glass window as well to let you get more natural sunshine and fresh air.

Picturesque apartment design with dark masculine interior 5

Sure, the bathroom was built in a dark color tone as well. See the sink with a mirror that reflects the light to attain a brighter and larger look. It has dark tiles floor and wall with dark glasses as well. The shower room is also done in dark color as well to attain a cozy bathroom condition. The one who loves a masculine decoration should get this style on the lists.


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