Walking into your neighbor’s house sometimes might take your breath away. Everything is neat and tidy and there is attention to minor detail that is mostly missing in your house. It is sometimes said that the grass is greener on the other side and your house is also as beautiful as the next one but at times it might not be true. You might not be paying attention to the small details that result in making the house look presentable. Let’s go through some of these things in a little detail.


Vacuums are a marvelous invention. They suck air into them at high pressure which results in a lot of dust and dirt being sucked in too. It is a time-consuming process but vacuum cleaning would result in some very clean corners and edges that would usually be filled with dust that would be hard to clean off. So spend some time with this machine in your house to make sure you don’t leave out any nooks and crannies.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are the best option if you want to spread the vibe of peace and calm. These sticks smell good and look peaceful too. A person entering your home will easily be taken aback by the sweet fragrance of the incense sticks. Lighting these up will definitely change the whole ambiance of a place. Just make sure to put something under them to constantly collect the ash that would otherwise fall on the floor.

Clean gutters

Your gutters are basically the shallow troughs on the edge of rooftops that can carry rainwater and drop it near the drainage. A house that has clogged up gutters will never look presentable. Cleaning the gutter is a tough task as these gutters are mostly inaccessible without a ladder. You can always leave this one for the professionals if the gutter is out of your reach.

Lawn maintenance

A neat and a maintained lawn is one of the main things regarding a property that can instantly impress you. Neatly cut grass, pretty flowers, maintained hedge and many more things add up to the beautification. A small seating area, a simple table, and a couple of chairs would be enough but you can also go all the way and get a gazebo if you have an adequate amount of space.


A Bad paint job can be a real turn-off. A building might be new but a bad wall-paint will always make your building look at least 10 times older. A fresh coat of paint will always make your building feel as if it is new. Neat walls will mostly make your house look more presentable. A smooth painted wall will always triumph over a wall with peeling paint.

There are many tricks that can be taught to you regarding making your house look presentable. Making something presentable is not just a visual experience but also involves the use of other types of senses like smell and touch. If you feel that you do not know how to actually achieve this then follow the suggestions in this article to make your house presentable for guests and friends.

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