As the interior of your home is important, the same way your house exterior has a great role to define your home and your lifestyle. The passerby and neighbor make a perception about your behavior and personality by the way you keep your home. Therefore, transforming your home into a modern cottage with a sliding option is a perfect way to enjoy a clean and modern house. 

Why Choose Vertical Siding?

Here we have some common reasons defining the need for vertical siding at your place. So, before planning to renovate or remodel your home, read them:

If You Want A Custom Exterior Design…

When you get bored with the same paints and coloring options for a house, choosing vertical siding helps to enjoy modern exterior looks. You can mix and match vertical siding options with horizontal sliding options to get a stunning exterior appearance. If you are worried about budget, you will be glad to know slides are more affordable options and solve your year’s tension to paint walls after the season’s effect. You can also choose amazing color options that suit your personality and let others know how cool you are! 

If It Fits Within The Context of Your Neighborhood…

Take a walk through the neighborhood and spend some time observing other siding color and pattern options. You can also take note of repeated patterns, features and try at your home to create symmetry.  It also adds value to your home and when you plan to sell, surely bounces the buyer’s budget to live in a sophisticated society.  

If You Like Modern Design…

When you plan to upgrade your home as per the latest trends. Nothing is better than investing in siding for a contemporary home. The outer appearance of the home always keeps you up-to trends. The best part is that you can organize parties at lawn or garden areas, without fearing house looks in pictures. Therefore, today sidings are gaining higher popularity than other modes of transforming houses.  

If You Want A Maintenance-free Exterior…

If you want to come-up from annual maintenance cost, sidings are proven a perfect option. After installation, these are nearby maintenance-free. Whereas installing a wood board and batten can involve re-painting to protect from rot. 

How does the color of the siding affect the overall exterior design?

While selecting the color of exterior siding, pay attention to the following details.

  • The dark siding shade appears more modern and attractive
  • If you use a whiteboard, it presents modern farmhouse looks
  • Choosing a mid-tone gray board to translate a coastal style house
  • Considering olive green or brown board means you want to communicate woody vibes. 

Bottom Line

Choosing vertical siding serves as a great option for your modern house desire. Therefore, whatever your reason for renovating home-like customer exterior design, wants to create symmetry with a neighbor, or looking for modern design. Vertical design can help you to fulfill all your needs. All you need to do is choose a reputed vertical siding company that can help you all the way from color recommendation to install successfully.  

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