Mind-bowing lighting ideas to spruce up living room atmosphere 2

People tend to build a living room with a large area. It deals with the function of this place where all members usually do anything together. They enjoy watching TV programs or movies, read a book, have a warm conversation, or just relax. Putting the right lighting fixtures for your living room decoration is a must. The lighting should give a pleasant atmosphere and create balance. We can choose whether we want to add chandeliers, floor lamps, recessed lighting, wall sconces, etc.


Living Room Oversized Lighting

A living room with oversized lighting will fill the empty space in your living room. This picture shows a modern living room with oversize arched floor lamp that gives ambient light. It has a sim silhouette that looks awesome day and night.

Eclipse Wall Lighting

If you adore an artistic living room decoration, this eclipse wall lighting may interest you more. The lighting gives a cool view on the wall that looks like a real eclipse. Sure, it functions as wall art as well that will boost our mood at night.

Antique Lighting Fixtures

If you have historic living room decor, add an antique chandelier or vintagne sconce might a great idea. It will fit the decoration. Even if you have a contemporary living room, the antique lighting fixtures will never go out of date.

Colored Lighting Fixtures

If you wish to attain a bright living room with bold colors and see it wonderful at night as well, you can copy this living room decoration. It has a saturated raspberry pink living room with similar color wall sconces. It gives you a different atmosphere day and night.

Sculptural Lighting Fixture

Adding a contemporary feel in the historical living room is not hard. This picture shows a dramatic contemporary update only by adding a sculptural ED overhead lighting fixture. It upgrades the area to appear more inviting.

Missmatched Living Room Lighting

This living room appears so amazing with different lighting fixtures on both sides of the sofa. One side has a white table lamp white another side has a slung chandelier. This decoration gives such a freestyle that welcoming and chic.

Beautiful Transparent Living Room

See this living room lighting that comes with a classic style. This chandelier will never out of style for any season. For the one who loves a classic tone, this chandelier will be so interesting. It combined well with glass windows and a transparent vase.

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