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Sometimes plain will make your room looks boring, and this also includes pottery. Choosing or creating cute, gorgeous, or mesmerizing pottery is a must, especially when we use the pottery for wall decoration or simply table ornament. And today we will discuss ideas for pottery decoration, and specifically, we will talk about clay plates.

Clay plate in itself is an art that gives an antique atmosphere when you put it as decoration. But it also can transform into modern looks or transform your rooms and make them look cute and amazing with a slight change on clay plate. To make the change, you can paint your plain clay plate with different colors, or you can paint some views.

And to give you more ideas let’s take a look at The Best Ideas For Clay Plate That You Can Use In 2021.


For the first ideas, you can use your name with your family as a decoration and put it in your living room and replace the old family tree with the new awesome family plate.

You can also use a clay plate to decorate your children’s bedrooms by painting clay plate with a character from their favorite movies. You can use cute characters like Olaf or Winnie the pooh and hang them on your children bedroom’s wall.

Other than that, you can also paint your clay plate with bright color and make it looks like a fruit.

Not only that, but you can also pour all your art knowledge into the clay plate. Make it as your canvas and decorate your house with new and unique clay plate decoration.

Moreover, you can also use clay plate decoration for special events like Halloween, Christmas, or thanksgiving. Or you can also choose to paint clay plates and use them as a gift for your friends and family.

There are many more ideas with clay plates that you can explore and try, and if you have some ideas about clay plates that you want to share, feel free to comment down below.

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