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Homeowners often prioritize areas such as the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms when it comes to decor revamps. Your bathrooms also deserve a fair share of attention because they are as functional as the other priority areas. When you have a bathroom upgrade project in mind, you must bear in mind that they can be pricey. It makes sense to choose wisely and opt for upgrade ideas that add value and functionality to your space. Here are the latest upgrades you can try in 2021. 

Create a master bathroom

If you plan a new build or a major renovation, opting for a master bathroom is a good idea. Creating a master bathroom is not about a single upgrade. It is about designing the entire space to match your vision and taste. It offers a private area where you can relax at the end of a crazy day at work. Investing in a master bathroom is a good idea if you plan to sell your house. It can elevate the resale value of the property. You can expect the project to cost a bit, but every dollar spent is worthwhile. 

Revamp tiles and flooring 

A tile and flooring revamp should be on your bathroom upgrade wishlist this year. Although it requires a major demolition, you will love the new look and feel of the place once done. Pick tiles in the latest designs and stick to long-lasting materials that are easy to clean and maintain over the years. Consider changing the paint color and fixtures to match if you can spend a bit more. 

Transform your bathroom into a spa 

The pandemic stress is making everyone crave an extra dose of relaxation these days. Having a private little spa in your bathroom is a great idea. You can buy high-quality hot tub parts and get them installed for the wow factor. Complete the ambiance with scented candles and indoor plants, and you are all set for an incredible spa-like experience at your home. 

Invest in extra storage 

Upgrading your bathroom this year should also be about creating extra storage space. As most homeowners are working from home these days, additional space is a bonus. Consider moving your medicine cabinet in there. You may also have built-in shelving to store your beauty products. Invest in a closet to keep your towels and napkins. You will have less clutter in your living space. 

Light it up 

Bathroom lighting is no longer about having a couple of boring fixtures over the mirror. This year, you can play with color lights and dimmers to add to the ambiance. Pick energy-efficient LED lights for more brightness in the area without elevating your bills. Place an indoor plant in a dry corner and hang up some fairy lights around it to create an interesting element.

A bathroom upgrade need not burn a hole in your wallet, but it can do a lot to enhance its appearance and add value to your home. Consider your budget and pick an upgrade idea that works for you. 

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