Extravagant yet elegant modern wooden bed design to make you feel back-to-nature 2

In the early days, we used to use wood for our bedrooms. Not only its look goods, but wood last longer compare to other material. Best wood material does not suffer corrosion and what best it doesn’t go rust. As time goes, more and more bed designs and materials emerge and compete with wooden beds. But, not only wooden bed doesn’t suffer defeat, it even evolves and gives the result to amazing and gorgeous modern wooden bed. With the combined ideas and effort of many designers, they successfully produce a modern wood design with many different choices that will suit your taste, and especially your interior design.

Here we gather Extravagant Yet Elegant Modern Wooden Bed Design To Make You Feel Back-To-Nature for your reference in creating your own modern wooden bed dream design. Check it out.


The square shape wooden bed design not only shows its cubism art value but also has its own bookshelves. So you don’t walk around your rooms to read your favorite book.

Look how extravagant this design. Created by Bagno Sasso, this design is for those who want to create a back-to-nature bedroom atmosphere. With luscious furs and an unusual canopy bed, this design will hypnotize every person who sees it.

If you’re looking for a wooden bed design to create a modern rustic bedroom design, then Wooden Pallet Bedroom Idea from Meshroom is one of the best choices for you. The natural effect of the bed and combine with the white brick I the perfect combination for your bedroom.

Not only for rustic design but the wooden beds also suitable for contemporary design. Look how beautiful the craftsmanship on the headboard. It gives the feeling of being a person with noble status.

The fat round bed legs under the bed platform give you a feeling of safe and comfy. Moreover, the white plain paint on the wall creates the best combination to relieve your stress after going back from work.

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