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No matter how wide or narrow your home space is, making use of your corner spot will always be worth it. Not only to maximize the utilization of the space (especially for you who have a narrow home space) but also not to create an awkward blank spot in your home. Basically, there are some ideas for the corner spot utilization that can be adjusted based on your needs and purpose in decorating it. Here, we have chosen three corner spot utilization ideas that can be applied to your home for your awesome inspirations, those are corner storage, the cozy spot, and the corner indoor greenery. Enjoy!

Corner Storage

It could be a solution for you who have such a small home. You should be smart and maximize any space that you have in your home, right? In this case, making corner storage is the best thing that you can do. The kinds of storage itself could be varied, from the built-in storage, hanging storage, standing storage, wooden storage, iron storage, and many more. Just go down for the references!

Corner Shelf

To maximize the corner space in your home, you can install a corner shelf. A tiered floating corner shelf is a stylish and practical solution for maximizing storage space in any room. With its unique design, it can easily be mounted on the wall, creating a visually appealing display for your books, plants, or decorative items. The multiple tiers provide ample space to organize and showcase your belongings while adding a modern touch to your home decor. 


Floating Corner Shelves from Homebnc


Single Wall Shelf from Homebnc


Wine Racks from Homebnc


Reclaimed Door Storage from Homebnc


White Wire Storage from Homebnc


Cube Wall Shelves from Homebnc


White Corner Cabinet from Homebnc


Crates Storage from Homebnc


Corner Books Shelf from Homebnc


Triangular Key Shelf from Homebnc


Letter L Corner Storage from Homebnc


White Corner Storage from Homebnc


Iron Storage from Homebnc


Standing Storage from Homebnc


Hanging Storage from Homebnc

Cozy Corner Spot

There are some choices for the cozy spot. You can adjust it based on your hobby or favorite things. For example, if you love reading, you can set your corner spot to be able to facilitate you to read your books. The other idea is when you love to drink a cup of tea while spending your free time, you can make your cozy corner spot to be proper enough to place your cups and some snacks. Want some more ideas? Here we have the image references for you.

Corner Reading Nook

Let’s utilize the corner space of your home by creating a cozy spot. You can make a reading nook for your kids in your corner. A cozy reading corner is the perfect spot to escape into the pages of a good book. With a comfortable corner bench with storage underneath, it can be a comfortable reading spot. You can easily arrange and store the book under the bench and get a neat look.


Arm Chair from Decoist


Grey Arm Chair from Decoist


Lounge Chair from Decoist


White Arm Chair from Decoist


Bedtime Story Spot from Goodhousekeeping


Polished Armchair from Goodhousekeeping


Soft Letter L Bench from Onekindesign


Fresh Furniture from Onekindesign


Curved Seating Area from Onekindesign


Bench with Pad from Onekindesign


Cozy Breakfast Nook from Digsdigs


Hanging Chair from Homebnc


Bean Bag from Homebnc


Reading Nook from Idealhome


Grey Club Chair from Idealhome

Corner Indoor Greenery

Having indoor greenery is really worth it. You can create such a good and fresh ambiance to your home. If you don’t have enough space to provide indoor greenery to your home, you can utilize your corner spot. Or, if you just confused about how to make your weird blank corner spot look prettier, simply use it as your indoor greenery spot. You can use standing pots, provide a rack to place the pots, or installing some hanging planter on the ceiling or wall. Awesome, right?

Corner Plant Stand

You can also utilize the corner of your home as a corner of indoor greenery. This is a popular trend in interior design. Adding plants to the corners of a room not only adds a touch of nature but also helps improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere. You can use corner plant stands to put some potted plants. It can transform the corner space into a lush oasis. 


Multi-storey Pot Stand from Bobvila


Tropical Plant from Mydesiredhome


Banana Leaf from Mydesiredhome

Monstera from Balconygardenweb

Corn Plant from Balconygardenweb

Broadleaf Plants from Balconygardenweb

Climbing Plant from Balconygardenweb


Hanging Plant from Contemporist


Palm Tree from Completely-coastal


Vines from Digsdigs


Monsera Plant from Digsdigs


Mini Banana Leaves from Digsdigs


Cactus Plant from Homedit


Dracaena from Homedit


Snack Plant from Mydomaine


Mini Palm Trees from Mydomaine

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