Industrial lighting fixture ideas that will add a timeless look to any room decoration2

Lighting fixtures could give a big impact on the room decoration. It can change the room’s appearance. Where there is no lighting fixture in a room, it will look scary and terrible. Even if you wish to have a masculine room decoration, it should have a bulb, pendant, chandelier, or other kinds of stuff. In this article, we will show you recommended industrial lighting fixtures for the one who loves timeless room decoration. Let us check them out further!


Metal Form Wall Lamp

Where do you want to put this kind of lamp? This metal form wall lamp will work well for your entrance. Made of three lights and a wall mount, this accent provides a cool element that will never go out of style. Feel free to use this metal form wall lamp in any room.

Pulley Lamp Wall For Warehouse Lighting

Even a warehouse needs a lamp to make it brighter at night. So, there will be fewer mice inside. This pulley lamp wall works well for warehouse lighting because of its industrial feel. However, you can use this for deck or outdoor lighting fixture as well.

Bedside Wall Lamp Modern Industrial Lighting

If you want to add a unique feel with timeless look for your bedroom, try this bedside wall lamp. It has an industrial feel but works well for any room decoration. With its black iron frames and vertical light bulbs, the lamp appears more modern and sleek.

LED-Infused Marquee Lights

What cool lighting fixtures are these? There are three different lamp patterns here that will never make you upset. Applying these lamps for a bedroom is a great idea. In this picture, the lamps work well with white wall. So, feel free to use these lamps with other shapes for any room as well.

Magic Hipster Lantern

What do you think of a porch with this magic hipster lantern? It will look like coming in a magic kingdom with fairies and witches everywhere. Choose this light for your porch or garden will be a nice idea to welcome friends in a party.

A Fan-Style Design Lighting Fixture

Look at this lighting fixture that will enlighten your dining area every night. It has five light chandeliers that work well for a large room. With its metal frame, this light will add warmth to your room as well.

Rope Single Bulb Retro Pendant Lights

These hemp rope lights will enlighten any space in your house. The more bulbs, the brighter your house will be. Use this rope single bulb to add a retro tone to your room is a nice idea.


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