With time, innovative technologies have taken the world by storm. Just as the latest high-tech gadgets and latest smartphone innovations continually improve lives, there is another which you can look forward to. Installing some additional improvements to your existing residential HVAC systems can totally change the way of your indoor air quality. These revolutionary installations can help you to achieve better comfort levels within your home.  

Air Handlers

Air Handlers are paired with your heating and cooling systems. They are meant to control and regulate airflow. On top of being a vital part of your heating and cooling systems, they also improve energy efficiency. They also reduce the regular wear and tear on your unit and strive to provide high-quality air. It is a critical piece of the system, and therefore, you should not overlook it. Because it is always in use alongside your HVAC system, you must have it routinely serviced to ensure its extended efficacy. To avoid the onset of mold and mildew, you should keep changing the water panel in your humidifier before using it for the new season. 

Air Filtration Systems

The HVAC may help you have the right temperature maintained at home, which is crucial for your personal comfort. However, at the same time, it is also essential that you keep the air quality well maintained inside your home. As per the experts at Zipf-Air, allergens, dust, pet dander, various chemicals, and other contaminants continue to circulate inside your house. This can have a significant impact on your comfort and on your health. Just not that, a disbalance of moisture inside the house can also cause several issues. Improved air quality can help you to get rid of respiratory problems like irritated skin and eyes, headaches, mold and mildew, and nosebleeds in some cases. Installing a whole-house air filtration system helps to remove almost 99.8% of airborne allergens, including viruses and bacteria, which are down to even—1 micron. 


It is a regulating device component that is responsible for sensing the temperature of a room. It works to keep the desired temperature maintained to the set point on the HVAC system. Connecting them with a zoning system allows you to direct heated or cooled air to where you need it. It helps you to enjoy precise and steady comfort on demand. The mechanism lies in utilizing motorized dampers controlled by room thermostats to precisely control the temperature of each zone. This is known as zoning. This is a great convenience to have when you do not want to constantly run up and down the stairs all the time to control temperature. Also, it helps you to save up on your electricity bills by reducing energy costs upto 25-30%. Using setback thermostats lets you pay only for the heating and cooling as per usage. 

The Last Word

Home improvements can work wonders alongside your HVAC system. While maintaining the optimal temperature inside your household, you can also have a more excellent quality of air to breathe and have a comfortable, cozy, and pleasant atmosphere around in the house. 

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