Do you want to update your home and have a small budget?

If yes, then the interior design experts suggest making sustainable choices. They recommend refreshing one area at a time, without breaking your bank, of course. 

For many homemakers, that area is generally the kitchen. And, why not. It is the heart of their home- a place where all the loved ones get together for happy and healthy meals. Now that a kitchen space plays a pivotal role in keeping your family bound, you surely don’t want it to look and feel monotonous. So, how do you revamp it? 

How about changing the functional design of your space? It is sure to make a big difference in the quality of your day-to-day life, and of course, the value of your home. And, the good news is that you don’t have to be a spendthrift when it comes to renovating your kitchen. This saying holds good when the space you’ve been longing to accept for long is cramped. 

Can’t wait to make your kitchen both inspirational and functional at the same time? It’s time to get a little strategic and creative with your space following some tips:

  • Update your Lighting:

One simple step can work wonders in updating the look and feel of your space to unimaginable levels, and that’s lighting. Not only will it beautify your room, but it will also make it much easier for you to work in. 

Start by looking for inexpensive and modern light fixtures, which you can find either online or locally. Try to add pendants over your peninsula or island. You can also consider a gooseneck sconce over the sink. Another not-to-miss option can be adding a string of tiny white light beneath your cabinets for illuminating the counter you work at and add to your ambience. 

  • Open Up the Walls:

Is your kitchen cluttered? How about removing some of the upper cabinetry and transforming your space? Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

By doing so, you’ll experience a lighter, modern, and much more functional space. Consider open shelving to display everyday dish stacks and other items like serving platters, cookbooks, and fresh herbs. 

After all, what’s convenient than grabbing and putting the dishes right at the place they belong? None, you might think with a sigh of relief! 

Just ensure that you have the stacks of everyday dishes in the same colours and shapes to avoid unnecessary clutter while adding functionality. Once you lay a keen eye on doing this, you’ll also have an opportunity to get rid of dishes that you no longer use!

If you’re considering this piece of advice, you have two options:

  1. You can either remove the upper cabinets altogether and replace these with open floating shelves, or
  2. Remove the hardware and doors from the existing uppers.

Redo the Kitchen Cabinets:

Are you looking out to reface, refresh, and refurbish the kitchen cabinets without indulging in a major overhaul? Now’s the time for a kitchen cabinet makeover. If you’re looking for some ideas, consider scrolling through RTA Cabinets, and you’ll find techniques to modify your kitchen space. You can choose from a wide array of designs and colours. These may be antique white, saddle, chocolate, or antique white. 

Some other things on your list are refacing the kitchen cabinets, installing a pull-out cabinet shelf. You can also consider building a butcher island. Opt for sleek polished chrome, stainless steel applications, or even brass for a modern feel. 

After all, cabinets make the first impression of your kitchen. 

  • Add a Backsplash:

You can amp up the personality of your kitchen by adding a backsplash. You present a modern outlook to your kitchen, even if it’s as simple as adding white subway tiles. 

Going for patterned ceramic tiles can be a fun thing to do, especially when you have a single wall or a small space. After all, it’s more about making a significant impact with a bit of hassle.

  • Update the Peninsula:

Refreshing your peninsula or island with a shiplap on the back is always a good option. You can either paint it or add corbels that add character to your kitchen. Consider extending out an island that doesn’t have seating. You can also purchase a new countertop that comes with an overhang. 

  • Add a Touch of Interest and Elegance:

Gone are the days when paint and tiles were designers’ first choice. 

Add elegance or decorative touches to your cooking space with a counter lamp, art piece, antique mirror, or a silver tray for putting cooking oils on and experience the beauty!

  • Paint the Furniture:

One reasonably simple yet economical solution of revamping your kitchen rests with painting the furniture. Know that furniture is the second most viable element of the room after cabinets. 

Do you wonder if kitchen-adapted paints exist or not? Be relieved as they do! 

These paints are resistant to household products and stains. Also, their availability in numerous colours make them an ideal choice, so there’s no need to hesitate. You can also have the flexibility of creating a contemporary white or pastel kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Playing with colours is another way of making changes noticeable and visually striking. 

  • Modify the Knobs and Handles:

Do you feel that painting is restrictive? Well, the makeover of your kitchen needs detailed work like door handles and knobs. 

Keep your options open. You can select among original, classic or colourful. Choose from unique tailor-made accessories for suiting your decor needs while fitting your budget at the same time. Cost is a distinguishing factor in customizing your kitchen furniture. Thereby, make wise decisions. 

  • Add a Wall Covering:

Another solution for giving a more excellent value to your countertops and kitchen area rests with installing wall covering. You can add these between the countertop and cabinets. And, the best thing about them is that they are easy to install and have adhesive backs. Also, they’re pretty easy to stick directly on any wall type. 

Spoil yourself with diverse choices. These can be landscapes, quotes, metallic effects, and colour multitudes. 

Critical Takeaways for a Life Full of Design Secrets

Minor things that clock, carpets, trashcan, suspended lights, and others can go a long way in beautifying your cooking space. Following these tips, you can gain a lot of storage and showcase your expensive kitchenware to your guests. 

Can’t wait to experiment with the to-do, as mentioned earlier? Pave a path to a kitchen modification right away and choose a style that makes a statement. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on your favourite styles. 

Till then, happy revamping, folks!

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