Whether you have a coastal home that you love already, you’re moving to your new coastal abode for the very first time, or you simply want to bring the vibes inland with you, there are so many ways that you can bring the ocean, the beach, and the sunshine into your interior design!


If you love coastal design and want to make the most of it, here are some decor ideas that can bring your vision to life.

1. Coastal Colors

Although this is one of the more obvious interior design tips, it’s definitely worth mentioning. There are so many coastal colors to try out, from whites and light neutrals all the way to soft blue and seagrass tones. You can even experiment to see which colors work best with your space and your personality.

2. Plants

Whether your home is actually close to the beach or simply has that beachy feel, you can bring natural elements into your decor with plantlife. You can pick beachy plants like palms and beachy grasses, but you can just as easily make it work with other plants too.

3. Blending Indoor and Outdoor

Another great hallmark of coastal design is the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. Although you can achieve this through details like plants inside, you can also expand things even further by adding big windows, lots of natural light, or folding doors that open into your outdoor space.

4. Woven Materials

Woven materials are all about texture and natural beauty, which makes them the perfect addition to any coastal-inspired space. You can go small with some baskets, art, and other details, but don’t be afraid to dive into some furniture if that’s what’s calling you.

5. Abstract Art

Some of the beachy art you’ll find out there can get a bit repetitive — and be a bit on the nose at times. If you’re not sure how 12 different watercolor beaches will fit into your home, don’t worry. Instead, try a bit of abstract art that still embodies the mood and color you’re looking for, but perhaps in a new and exciting way.

6. Linen

Linen is probably the top material associated with coastal design, and it’s easy to see why. It’s light, breezy, soft, and versatile, which makes it a great choice for a cozy summertime lounge feeling. It also tends to come in some of the classic coastal colors, like whites and neutrals.

7. Your Beach Finds

If you actually happen to live near the beach, this can be a great opportunity to source a personalized decor item for your home. Even if it’s just a few things here and there, placing a seashell or a beach rock on your shelves can truly liven up your connection to your living space.

8. All About the View

Another one for those who live close to the beach, or any coastal space. If you have a home that looks out onto a great view, it’s almost a given that you should do everything in your power to highlight that view. 

Open up the blinds and truly make whatever view you have the focal point. Really, it’s the root of what coastal design is all about.

9. Lighter Woods

Designing a cool, coastal space is often all about bringing natural materials from the outside world into your home. Natural wood is a fantastic way to do this. Specifically, lighter ones tend to offer a spectrum of neutral colors that works especially well with coastal design spaces. Take a look at all the tones of wood that you can use and see which ones work best in your home.

10. Comfort Is Key

At the end of the day, comfort is one of the most important things in any home you design. That can be especially true for spaces that have a chill vibe that radiates comfort, like coastal homes often do.

Make sure you prioritize comfort wherever you can — from the furniture to the fabrics that you use.

Interior Design for Coastal Living

Coastal design is all about bringing the natural world into your home, one peachy detail at a time. Whether you deck your house head to toe in abstract art or you open up the windows to the beautiful view right in front of you, there are so many design choices waiting for you.

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