A bathroom is where you can face the harsh realities of life. You dream of spa-level relaxation, but what you often find when you walk through the door is a dirty floor, a full trash can and toothpaste in the sink. 

Don’t give up on your bathroom dreams. Here are 10 design tips to help you take your bathroom to the next level. 


1. Identify Your Dream Bathroom

Before you head to Target for new bathroom supplies, take a moment to think about the big picture. When someone says “dream bathroom,” what do you envision in your head? 

Spa bathrooms come in all colors and styles. Do you gravitate toward bright or dark, small or large? How do different colors make you feel? If you could have your ideal bathroom, what would that mean?

2. Declutter Products

Your next step is to go through all the cabinets. Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but you’ll feel so much better afterward – and you’ll have a more realistic idea of how much space you have to work with. 

While you’re at it, identify items you want to upgrade. Creating a spa-like oasis in your home goes beyond design elements to the products and scents you include in the space. If you don’t like it, replace it.

3. Think About Lighting

Creating ambiance with lighting will make a big difference in your bathroom. Does this space have natural light? Consider frosted glass or sheer curtains to make the most of any natural lighting while retaining privacy. 

Take a look at the overhead light, mirror lights, and any lamps or sconces. What color do they make the room? Switch out any mismatching bulbs or fixtures to maintain a sense of continuity. 

If you’re doing it well, lighting shouldn’t be something that stands out. Calm, clear lighting and tone-appropriate fixtures blend into your home.

4. Upgrade Your Ventilation

Cleanliness is a huge priority for your dream bathroom. Because so much water and steam exist in this small space, good ventilation is essential for keeping everything clean long term. 

Ventilation will prevent mold problems, keep the paint on the wall smooth, protect any art in the room, and make your air clean and fresh. Updated ventilation will add an air of calm to your new bathroom. 

5. Mix up Shapes

Tubs, sinks, mirrors and rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Decide what you like best, but be sure to mix it up. Varied angles give a room interest and depth. 

Try a square tub with a round rug for some variety, or pair round mirrors over square sinks. Mixing patterns and shapes isn’t an exact science, so have fun with it! 

6. Buy New Linens

Nothing says worn and tired like old towels. If you only choose to do only one thing to update your bathroom, invest in new towels and rugs. The feel and look of your space will improve instantly. 

You can also mimic a spa environment by adding bathrobe hooks to the wall. Have a specific, tidy place in the bathroom for dirty laundry, and wash your towels often to keep the air fresh and your skin happy. 

7. Use Focal Points

Consider where you want your eye to go when you enter the bathroom. What do you notice first, and what do you want to stand out? Play up the areas you want to give more attention to with bright, interesting colors and textures. This can be achieved with more significant upgrades or your fresh new linens. 

Try dividing the room into spaces for different tasks. For instance, bathrooms usually include a toilet, sink, cabinet, and bathtub or shower. You can combine or separate these areas through design elements such as rugs, pictures and color combinations. 

Centering design around spaces will make your bathroom feel intentionally put together. 

8. Work With Your Water

Many factors can determine what kind of water pressure you have, including location and plumbing problems. Test your water pressure and ask yourself how you can improve it

If your water pressure is too good, consider switching to a gentler rain showerhead. You can also consider getting a water filter for your shower to improve the quality.  

9. Consider Temperature

Think about your temperature habits while in the bathroom – do you usually feel cold, hot or just right? Of course, your preferences will probably change with the seasons. 

Consider adding a second fan, purchasing a heater or changing your flooring to better suit what your body needs. It’s no use having a beautiful tile floor if your feet are always cold.

10. Splurge Just Once

If you’re decorating on a budget, you may not be able to change everything in your bathroom at the same time. However, you can likely splurge on just one thing. 

Whether you invest in a new bathtub, install a tile floor or buy a larger, brighter mirror, splurging on one valued item can elevate the look of your whole bathroom. 

Get Ready to Relax

Follow these 10 easy steps to update your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams. 

As you roll up your sleeves to get started, remember to enjoy the process. There are so many design options out there for updating your bathroom – be creative, and have fun.

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