Easy ways to remove stains from kitchen stainless steel appliance fi

You might find brown corrosion or rust stains on your kitchen appliances. When you use pray cleaner but not be raised away properly from the surface will also cause stains. Though stainless means little stains, there will be some stains that are not easy to be removed. Those stains are stubborn. However, there are some possible ways to remove the stains from stainless steel appliances that are easy and affordable. Let us check out our tips further below and you can try them at home.

Easy ways to remove stains from kitchen stainless steel appliance 1

Remove Stains With Steam Cleaning

Remove stains with steam cleaningFirst of all, heat water until boiling in a kettle. While you are waiting for the water to boil, prepare the appliance that you want to clear. Then, put on a towel on the surface. Pour hot water on the towel and rub the surface along the grain with the towel. After that, dry it by using another paper towel. This way looks so easy. Even, you can finish in minutes and get your appliance clean from stains.

Remove Stains With Baking Soda and Dish Soap

Remove stains with baking soda and dish soapMake a good paste by mixing baking soda and dish soap. This paste will help you to remove stains from your kitchen appliances made of stainless steel. Apply the paste that you have made from baking soda and dish soap to a microfiber cloth or you can use other soft clothes. Then, rub the stainless steel surface with the cloth entirely. Repeat the steps till you get your appliances free from stains. Then, rinse it out and dry it by using a towel.

Remove Stains With Vinegar

Remove stains with vinegarTry this super-easy way to remove stains from stainless steel kitchen appliances or cookware or any kitchen stools you have. First, pour a little apple cider vinegar or white vinegar on the stained surface. Let it for several minutes until the vinegar lifts out the stains. After that, rub it with a soft cloth. Clean and dry it with a paper towel. This step will not spend a lot of money. Even, you can use vinegar on your storage. Then, you will get your cookware and kitchen appliances clean from stains.



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