Concrete sink ideas to improve your bathroom design for the next renovation fi

Concrete is versatile and cheaper than other materials. More people choose to use concrete to improve their home design. Using concrete to create a sink will bespoke piece and make a statement for a bathroom or kitchen. Furthermore, anyone can mold the concrete to the size they want. If you want to add concrete sinks to your bathroom, see our list below. Whether you want a colorful sink, a modern one, or more streamlined, it should work well with your bathroom tone. Check out and get more inspiration further!

Concrete sink ideas to improve your bathroom design for the next renovation 1

Concrete Double Sink

Concrete double sink


Look at this double sink that is so elegant. No matter what your bathroom style is, this double sink will spruce up your design. Two sinks with storage spaces underneath will help you to keep more towels or other bathroom tools.

Simple Concrete Sink Design

Simple concrete sink design


This is a chick and streamlined concrete sink that bring a warm atmosphere to the bathroom. This concrete sink looks more valuable with other supplies like faucets, indoor plants, and a mirror on the wall. You don’t it to paint this concrete sink to keep it simple.

Rustic Oversized Concrete Sink

In this bathroom, we see powerful black-painted brick walls that work well with concrete sink. Think sink works ell for almost any room design. Rustic, modern, contemporary, or even shabby chic decor can use this rustic oversized concrete sink. Even the natural marks make it more beautiful.

Bowl Concrete Sink

This pretty concrete sink looks so elegant on a wooden table. For you who want to improve your bathroom design, this sink will give it a modern and chic look. Furthermore, the shape that looks like a bowl is nice for any design.

White Concrete Sink

Firstly, the sink in the picture seems made of porcelain. When you see it closely, it is actually a concrete sink. The designer paints it with water-resistant paint in white. However, porcelain is expensive while concrete is cheaper. What do you choose, then?

Circular Concrete Sink

This bathroom shows a pretty design with a circular concrete sink. The shape looks nice for any bathroom design. It works well with a slab concrete vanity and blue walls. Feel free to store towels, sheets, or other bathroom tools in the storage under the sink.

Pink Concrete Sink

You are free to add a concrete sink for your modern or even futuristic bathroom decor. Look at this pretty pink concrete sink that is unique and chic for any design. Furthermore, concrete sinks are cheaper than other sinks. So, you can save your budget.

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