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We often see someone’s house with an art gallery on the wall. Some of them are made by hand, some others created by an artist. What about using other accents instead of art for walls. You might find a new thing that is mind-blowing. So, what about replacing those wall arts with other pieces like a woven, mirror, or anything? Well, in this article we will show you the list of some things that you can use to upgrade your wall decor.

Things to decorate wall instead of art gallery 1

Try Something Woven

Try something woven

Look at this wall decor that will impress anyone who sees it. Among other arts, this woven piece adds a more textural tone. Furthermore, it has a unique shape that becomes the focal interest in this space. Feel free to try other woven shapes and styles for your own wall.

Add Vintage Accessory

Add vintage accessory

Adding custom jewelry to your wall will improve its look. This dramatic piece will not break up your wall decor among other arts. Moreover, vintage accessories are versatile and timeless. So, you can use this for any season throughout the year. Will you try this for your home?

Another unique vintage accessory to consider for wall decoration is a beautifully crafted sword. A sword can add a touch of history and elegance to your space, creating a captivating focal point that sparks conversations and showcases your appreciation for craftsmanship and antiquity. Whether displayed individually or as part of a collection, swords can serve as striking and unconventional wall decor alternatives to traditional artwork.

Add A Piece Of Light

Add a piece of light

Well, a piece of light can give a little bit of uniqueness to your wall decor. This functional thing is not only to enlighten your space but looks so decorative for your wall. Furthermore, you will not need to put it off when the season changes. This light will work well for any home style.

Customized Canvas Prints

Not sure how to decorate your spacious wall? Consider hanging premium-quality customized canvas prints. They might be the missing element to transform your wall space from plain to extraordinary! Plus, the best thing about these decors is that you get to choose the designs. You can go for something abstract, make a personalized design, or you may want to turn your favorite travel photos into canvas wall art.

A Shadow Box On The Wall

A shadow box

It will be nice to add a 3D thing on the wall to spruce up your wall decor. You can make this shadow box by hand or buy this at a craft store. In this wall, we see a pretty colorful wall accent that shows the owner’s personality and character. Pretty chic, isn’t it?

Ornament with Sentimental Value

Ornament with sentimental value

Instead of trying an expensive thing to decorate a wall, why don’t you try adding an ornament that fits your feel? Look at this wall with a round ornament with sentimental value. No one will avoid seeing this thing among other arts.

Show Your Sport Interest

Show your sport interest

This room shows an old-school felted pennant that breaks all rectangular shapes. Then, anyone will notice that this pennant shows how the owner loves Buffalo sport. You can do so for your wall. Feel free to add other sports signs like baseball, softball, or anything you like. Just show that you are a big fan of Manchester or others teams.


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