Hardwood species to determine the finished look of your floors fi

There are many choices of flooring styles that you can choose. What about using hardwoods? Hardwood floors will bring a natural sensation to your home feeling. Furthermore, they are warm and organic to give a healthier environment. You can combine hardwood floors with any design. Your kids can walk, run, or even play safely on the hardwood floors without worrying about allergic effects. In this article, we will show you hardwood species that you can consider to finish your floors. Check them out further below and get inspired.

Hardwood species to determine the finished look of your floors 1

American Black Walnut For Flooring

American black walnut for flooring


When someone wishes to have rustic and natural wood flooring, American Black Walnut is the best choice. This material will bring a warm atmosphere to any home style. Furthermore, it has unique features because of the knots, colors, and grains. Sure, your home will appear like real land.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo hardwood flooring


Applying bamboo hardwoods for your flooring is a great idea. This material works well to show an exotic display. For people who like a dramatic look, this flooring material will be one of their dreams. Bamboo flooring will give a warm and serenity feel. No matter what your home style is, this flooring material will fit your wish.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hickory hardwood flooring will bring a warm sensation as well to your room. Furthermore, this material has various colors to choose from. You can ask for white, cream, tan, and light brown to mix your home design. No need to worry, all of them are versatile and work well for any theme whether rustic, modern, shabby chic or even futuristic.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Natural maple hardwood flooring will bring your home into a serenity place. After working for about eight hours outside, it will be much better for you to take a rest at home. In your room, you can lay down on the floor while reading a book or just listen to your most favorite song. Maple hardwood floor is safe and comfy.

Cherry Hardwood For Flooring

This is an eye-catching wood flooring style ever. Cherry hardwood comes in a beautiful color. If you wish to have a room with wow factors, this flooring material is the key. Sure, it gives a natural, warm, elegant, and glamour feel to your home.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak hardwood materials are the most favorite flooring. You can choose various sizes and colors that will fit your home design. It has stunning grain patterns that will enrich your home decor. Oak hardwoods are flexible for any room as well.

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